Google releases Gmail’s new feature Smart Compose to reply emails with AI

At the 2018 Google Developers Conference Google I/O 2018, Google released a new Gmail feature called Smart Compose, which uses artificial intelligence to provide simple suggestions when users write e-mails.

Currently, Gmail Smart Compose has limited scope to provide recommendations that will not fundamentally change the way users write e-mails. However, this is undoubtedly an interesting way to observe Google’s artificial intelligence, and it can also save some time.

The Smart Compose feature is an extension of Google Smart Reply or Replies. Currently, Smart Replies can provide users with three suggestions when launching email Gmail. Gmail recently released this feature to desktop users.

In the test, Smart Compose is best at filling in greetings or completing simple questions such as “What’s up with you?” or “Where are you?”; if the user sends an email on Friday; It can also add contextual phrases such as “happy weekends”; sometimes it will accurately guess which words you want to use to end the sentence.

Google releases Gmail’s new features Smart Compose Reply to emails with AI

This feature is very easy to use: the user only needs to start typing as usual, and if Google recommends something that you want to use — gray text that pops up in front of the cursor — the user can press the Tab button to accept the suggestion.

At present, Smart Compose is not tailored to the user’s writing style, and its recommended range is rather limited, so it can only save a little time.

Despite this, this feature is still very interesting to use, and it can reflect Google’s ambition to incorporate artificial intelligence into its products to make daily tasks more efficient. Smart Compose uses the same kind of e-mail scanning method that Gmail used to clear spam and phishing for a long time (last year, Google stopped using scanning e-mails to help advertising).

New features will be available to a wide range of users in the coming weeks. Gmail users who pay premium G Suite fees can try it in a few months.

How To turn on the Smart Compose feature?

To enable the Smart Compose feature users simply

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Labs Tab
  3. And enable Experiment Access.

Currently, this feature is only available to limited users in PC and English languages.


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