Hacker Space co-working Space has been launched in Noida (India)

Hacker Space is a co-working space which has been launched in Noida with the aim to provide a quality space for all types of start-ups. Hacker Space is a modern co-working space built on the ethos of cooperation, collaboration, and community.

According to the Hacker space: It is a perfect blend of quality space, modern designs, and pocket-friendly property that suits startups millennial is welcoming the start-ups to grab this amazing opportunity. At the verge of Start-up India (an initiative by government of India), Abhishek Kumar Gupta, enabler of Start-up Delhi and Amit Shekhar, founder of Mindorcks & Hacker Space has come to Noida, to strengthen the start-up ecosystem, bringing together a network of different and like-minded people to share a common working infrastructure and facilities.

Hacker Space co-working Space has been launched in Noida

Currently, Hacker Space has 3 private cabins out of which 2 have a seating capacity of 8 members and 1 with the seating capacity of 2 members only. It has 1 conference room with seating capacity for 15 people at a time. As of now, HackerSpace has 6 full-time employees who are helping to establish a friendly environment at work.

Hacker Space is 50% occupied with clients like Pink villa, Legal Salah, Uppskill Education, MAD Influence, Thailandwale, etc. Abhishek Kumar Gupta, CEO & Partner, Hacker Space, said “HackerSpace is a collaborative effort to strengthen the start-up ecosystem with the combined efforts of using social media platform for awareness or to get things done faster and helping community to find a job, talent, partner matching etc. We have launched Hacker Space with a mission to empower the tech community, make collaboration and networking easier among the members. Hacker Space wants to be a playground for our budding and established techies.”

Amit Shekhar, COO & Partner, Hacker Space, said “We look beyond what many corporate offices around the world are doing, like simply building open design spaces without integrating a co-working culture. Our corporate co-working strategy framework helps clients determine how to best leverage the dynamic co-working model for their specific business and industry.”

HackerSpace has plans to build 5 more similar centers by 2020 in 5 cities across India.

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