Half-Life Games are about to become Free to Play on Steam

According to the latest announcement from Valve, all the games under the Half-Life franchises are going to be free to play on Steam in March 2020. This is about to happen due to Valve’s promotional strategy for the new release of the next instalment of Half-Life.

The next upcoming game in Half-Life franchises is the Half-Life Alyx, which priced $16.5 on steam, and you can also see the release date flashes along with the game which is 23rd March 2020. Also, the Half-Life Absolute Zero is about to release on 12 Oct 2020. There is a big fan base of the Half-Life games, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the Battle Royal games like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends, many players have shifted from the Half-Life, this time Valve wants most of them to come back so that they can build a big community again as they had five years ago.

Half-Life Games are about to become Free to Play on Steam

Why Valve is throwing such a deal?

Apart from the old players, Valve is targeting new players and audiences in towards the classic Half-Life franchises games, due to that Valve planned out the promotional movement where all the games apart from the latest one in Half-Life franchise will become free to play for all Steam account holders. The new players would be able to get used to with the story and the gameplay of Half-Life before they try the latest version.

The latest game in the franchises Half-Life Alyx is going to be a VR Only game which is appearing to be a big and impressive one according to Valve and the developers. Apart from it, one more game for fan developers is going to be launched with the title of Half-Life Absolute Zero.

The Absolute Zero will also be free to play, created by fan developers and modified the original ideas and plans from the old classic game in a modern way. Here the target is to take the Half-Life game fans and their excitement to the peak in order to achieve a big success at their upcoming titles.

All we know about the upcoming title

  • Half-Life Alyx is going to be story-wise the prequel of Half-Life 2, and the even the story itself is going intrigue the mind of the new players. It reminds the old players what they are missing out. In short words, Valve is trying to make the fans and the players feel a bit nostalgic over the Half-Life franchise’s games and the storyline so that they can revive their one of the best creation’s market again.
  • For the whole last decade since 2008 there were no more development projects were going on at this franchise, but Valve is up with a new upcoming title now. Most of the players, who used to be die-hard fans of Half-Life series have retired from that era and started gaming with other titles, it is a sole try from the developers to bring them, back to home.
  • With this free to play offer the player would be able to access almost 20+ titles of Half-Life (including games and comics), Level design source codes and files pack, Executive Plunger pack, soundtrack bundle, and many other expansions and updates. Some of these products are already free or tagged with a very low price, but this time the complete bundle would come for free.
  • Most of those title included in the Half-Life franchises do support Windows, as well as Mac and even Linux PC platforms, so it is good news for the amateur gamers who use Linux and Mac. The players would be accessing over $60 worth products for free.

Wrapping Up

The most loved version of the Half-Life was the Half-Life 2 which came out in 2004 afterwards it has a couple of other parts called Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Downfall, Longarm. The last two parts came out at 207 and 2018, with updated graphics, artworks and rendering. This time with Half-Life Alyx, Valve wants to bring back the life in the Half-Life franchise in the form of a present-day game.