High risk! Intel processor exposed eight ghost holes: patch on the road

The explosion of the Meltdown blowout and Spectre ghost security breach seems to have come to an end, but today it is suddenly a resurgence. According to Heise.de, the German authoritative hardware media, they received exclusive data showing that Intel processors have also been found to have a series of Spectre-level vulnerabilities, which are extremely dangerous!

Intel processor exposed eight ghost holes

The specific details of the vulnerability have not yet been announced. At present, only a total of 8 those are known. They have all been recognized and numbered by the CVE vulnerability database and are collectively referred to as “Spectre-NG.”

Four of these vulnerabilities are of high-risk class and will be repaired first, and one will lead to virtual machine host attack, which is a priority fix.

Reported that Intel is currently developing a corresponding repair patch, plans to release two waves, the first wave will be released this month, the details of the vulnerability may also be disclosed together at that time.

In addition to the Intel processor, it is reported that the ARM processor seems to be affected as well, and the AMD processor may be possible but needs further confirmation.

Intel also issued a brief announcement today, confirming the existence of these vulnerabilities and the progress of repair work from the side, but it also lacks any details:

Protecting customer data and ensuring product safety are our top priorities. We have always worked closely with customers, partners, other chip vendors, and researchers to research and fix any known vulnerabilities. We firmly believe that mutual disclosure is an extremely critical point. After the repair is finalized, we will share more details on any potential vulnerabilities.”

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