How is GTA 5 going to Look like in PS5 & Xbox Series X?

As Sony and Rockstar Games have already officially confirmed the development progress of GTA 5 for PlayStation 5, the fans are already dreaming about how cool the graphics would look in an ultra spec device with 4K 60FPS performance. The developers have announced that they are tuning the graphics of the GTA 5 itself so that all the potential visual capability of that game can be unlocked, so of course, we are about to get even more graphical details than the initially launched game. Also, multiple new side missions and DLCs are about to be introduced in order to make the game more lucrative as a package. But the only question which is being asked everywhere on this topic is how the developer can increase the visual output quality of the original game, and how good it is going to be?

Updates on GTA 6 Delayed Development

Already some enthusiast artwork designers are making heavily edited and excessively detailed images and screen-shots of the game. But, thanks to a recently released enhanced footage of Grand Theft Auto 5, fans can experience the eye-soothing graphics quality of the upcoming GTA 5 version for PS5. Due to its official announcement which is going to hit the market at Q1, 2021; we can be sure that GTA 6 is not under development right now, instead, the team is working on GTA 5 remastered project and on new DLCs. So, we can firmly say that GTA 6 is not happening until the end of 2021. Though the last installment GTA 5 was initially released back in 2013, due to the current scenario GTA 6 is not happening before 2022 for sure. According to my thinking. GTA 6 would hit the market by Q4, 2022.

GTA 5 Graphics Update News

As almost all other major developers and publishers are working hard for the next-gen consoles, and making their next installments of each franchise up to the mark for next-gen consoles, but Rockstar Games decided to go backward which is surprising. But if Rockstar managed to pull the trick with a 2013’s title, long back since the announcement of next-gen PS5 or Xbox, then we should be wondering about what are they gonna do with the GTA 6 project.

Now the point is while PS5 is way more powerful than the PS4 and most of the mainstream gaming PCs of 2018-2019 in the market, the GTA 5 is already going to unlock its maximum visual output potential on such hardware. But, if that is all, then why the officials said that they are working hard on enhancing the GFX looks of the original game.

To answer this query, a YouTuber RGR29 has posted a video in his channel, where he played the GTA 5 on a top-end PC with all the GFX settings were tuned to max, and the gameplay was played & recorded in 4K 60FPS quality. The PC RGR29 used is powered with AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU & Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti along with 64GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM. So you can say that this is one of the most powerful gaming desktops that money can buy in 2020. Such PC itself is pretty much equal to the rumored hardware specification of upcoming PS5, so we can expect similar performance from the game on both of these systems. Here is the link of the video uploaded by RGR29 on his channel below;

After looking at the video you can easily understand that how much GTA 5 is already capable of showing with the original edition if it is played on such worthy hardware.

Now the question remains how much the developers can push it even more? But, if you ask me I am already very much amused and astonished by the GFX performance of the game in the video. Especially the Ray Tracing, Lighting, and Reflection qualities are out of the world. The Shadow quality itself is the best which we can have in 2020. The players with 4K or 8K monitors with 144Hz or 240Hz display are going to enjoy this game as they have never enjoyed any other game before.


Grant Theft Auto 5 is already the most successful game ever in terms of financial success. So as the most successful game of the market, they even boosted the fan base by the recent giveaway on Epic Games, which added more than a million players on the fan list overnight. Also with the development and official compatibility of 3rd party developed Content the famous “GTA 5 RP Server”, GTA V is having the most number of players around the world on their fan base. With the next-gen compatibility and GFX enhancements, people are going to love the game even more, which in turn makes GTA 5 the most successful game for the next couple of decades, and also it will create a wide path for the upcoming GTA 6 to be another immensely successful game.