IMAGE KING Launches Toner Cartridge 103a and 110 for HP Printers

IMAGE KING, an Indian brand deals in compatible laser toner cartridges and printer powder, launched IMAGE KING Toner Cartridge 103a and IMAGE KING Toner Cartridge 110 for HP printers. They come with ‘Ink Smart Chip’, which lets the user known when the printer’s toner is low through a pop up a warning message on the connected PC. This will help to monitor the reserves and levels of the current toner cartridge.

IMAGE KING 103a toner cartridge is compatible with LASAR 1000W, 1000A, MFP 1200A and MFP 1200W. IMAGE KING 110 toner cartridge is compatible with LASER 108, MFP 136 and MFP 138. Imaging dealers and partners can place their orders for these cartridges at any of the IMAGE STAR branches. These cartridges will help dealers get the quality they’re looking for at a competitive price point for their HP models.IMAGE KING Launches Toner Cartridge 103a and 110 for HP Printers


“We at IMAGE KING are always on the verge of supporting our partners with latest cartridge models which would support the latest printers coming in from large printer manufacturers. We always make sure that we hit the market with the finest compatible cartridges at the earliest. Our ability to introduce them with quality imaging has always kept us as the favourite in the industry. Our channel partners have been a great support to us distributing the products and staying loyal with IMAGE KING,” said, Masood Khan, CEO at IMAGE STAR PVT LTD.

These specially designed cartridges with ink smart chips read the ink levels by monitoring cartridge’s droplet count that has been used so far when printing. These chips are programmed for toner designs and will provide warnings and stop printing once a certain number of droplets have been used, saving the printers from running unnecessarily without ink.