Instagram New Feature Let You Direct Remix Photos From Friends

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Instagram, one of your favorite photo sharing app has again come up with something new known as Remix Photos. The new Remix photos feature of Instagram allows you to remix the photos you have received during a conversation with your friend and can send back the same. The feature starts rolling out today and will available as an update for both iOS and Android platforms using version 24 of the Instagram.

 How to Use Instagram Remix Photos Feature?

Instagram Remix Photos From Friends in Direct

Step 1: Open your Instagram message corner in which you have received some photo from your friend

Step 2: When you view a photo message got from a friend, a camera icon will show at the bottom.

Step 3: Tap the camera icon and capture a reply. Your reply will also include the sticker icon at the top, select that to add different funny things. For reference see the below screenshot.

How to use Instagram Remix Photos feature

Step 4:  Now play with those stickers to remix your friend photos. You can add text, drawings, funny stickers, move and resize them to add a twist to the photos.  During a conversation, this can be done back and forth for a fun.


Moreover, this feature also gives a control on replays. You can choose how many times you friend see the Remix videos or photos you have sent to him/her. If you choose “One View” your friend can see your message only one time and another option is “Allow Replay” that gives more time to friend to view the message. Also in videos, the other person can tap and hold to pause the video messages to get a closer look.


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