Intel 10nm processor delay Impacting on notebook market sales

The large-scale shipment of Intel’s 10nm CPU has been delayed until next year. At present, only one Core i3-8121U is used on Lenovo’s notebooks, and it is quite low-key, with no mass promotion.

Now, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and other major OEM manufacturers, have to revise down their 2018 shipment expectations.

Intel 10mm processor

According to DigiTimes, notebook makers are less optimistic about shipment growth with no new CPU replacement support.

In this situation, notebook makers are currently focusing on marketing game books and business books, while reducing the overall cost of consumer-grade products, including cutting back or even halting the investment in R&D and support for new CPUs.

According to reports, some ODM foundries in the Taiwan region stated that their R&D work is now even stagnant.

As a result, companies involved in the industry chain will encounter difficult situations, such as the production of fingerprint identification, touchpads, and Type-C interfaces for notebooks.


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