iPhone hacking software is being sold for $50 million

 A well-known iPhone hacking software cum malware, Pegasus, was illegally tried to sold third parties by internal employees of the software company.

To put it simply, Pegasus is an iPhone hacking software developed by the Israeli company NSO. Generally, this is a legal cracking software which sold legally to intelligence agencies or foreign governments.

Pegasus is very powerful iPhone hacking software which was tried to sell for $50 million is built on three Zero days iOS vulnerabilities, allowing third parties to eavesdrop on the phone, address, screenshots, photos, emails and text messages of the target iPhone, all with a link via SMS.

iPhone hacking software is being sold for $50 million

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However, according to the Motherboard.vice report recently revealed that an NSO employee is trying to sell the software in a cryptocurrency valued at $50 million.

The employee served as a senior programmer within the NSO and had access to the NSO’s products and source code. Although the NSO internally set up security measures to prevent internal information disclosure, the employee closed the measures and stole the data.

After being notified that its software is being sold, the NSO captured the employee and prosecuted.

It is not certain whether Pegasus has already been sold, but iPhone users still have to be careful about the unknown SMS link.


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