LG gives a Slogan of ‘Good Life’ to women to celebrate International Women’s day

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Women are a crucial consumer base for any brand and play a key role in defining its success and preference. March 8 is commemorated as United Nations International Women’s day every year. This day celebrates the spirit of womanhood and is dedicated to mark their spectacular achievements across various fields while being the ground rock of every home.

As a marketing pitch, the LG boasting its product portfolio is women-friendly and considers them a critical audience that defines the grand strategy of the brand. It is their deep insights, needs, preferences, and lifestyles which give the brand ideas to innovate and deliver consistently. Their needs and changing social patterns of livelihood have made LG embark on a journey of innovation and customization. Women, consumers are smart buyers who seek to buy products that are great value for their money, efficient, have assured quality and can assist them in making their lifestyles convenient. They are also constantly on the lookout for products that will ensure their homes have a pleasant and comfortable feel.

Modern technology has stood out as a champion of equality and ensured that household chores are not classified into gender stereotypes. Modern technology, in fact, is gender neutral, enabling women and men to be equal custodians as caretakers of their surroundings. Along with this, technology has helped female consumers have enough free time to indulge in their passions and hobbies to a greater extent, thus proving to be a catalyst in bringing out their creative geniuses. Smart technology has allowed them to break free from tedious household chores and give them more time to express themselves through creative means. This has given them a sense of satisfaction and a greater purpose in life.

LG has long been a driving force behind smart home innovation, giving women the freedom to explore their lives, outside the regular household chores. By incorporating more connectivity features to its full range of 2018 appliances, LG is bringing tangible benefits to women consumers across the globe. These smart devices greatly reduce the time required to complete household tasks. LG’s Twin Wash Washing Machine helps to wash two loads of clothes simultaneously while being energy efficient.

LG Dual Inverter ACs provide the perfect setting for a cool and composed home, that refreshes the mind and soul. LG’s latest range of Air Purifiers is equipped with technology that cleans the minutest of pollutants such as PM 1.0. Now moms don’t have to worry about their infants’ good health and can see them have fun crawling as LG Puricare has lower ducts to keep the air near the floor fresh. LG’s smartphones such as V30+ and other smartphones of LG are equipped with a plethora of multimedia facilities and allow women to stay connected with their loved ones at all times. LG’s All In One microwave allows her to cook a healthy meal with great ease for her family or organize a fun party within few hours, yet have people raving about her chef-like skills.

LG just doesn’t stop at taking care of their women consumers. It is in fact, a progressive brand that takes special care of its female employees. With a range of facilities such as in-house crèche, dietician and gym, AC cab and bus services, LG is a brand that truly stands out.

LG has always been the forerunner of technological breakthroughs. It believes in creating a more dynamic world that pushes for progress by technological empowerment. It salutes the spirit of womanhood with its various offerings across product categories.


Disclaimer: This Post elements and claims are by LG only and H2S Media is not claiming, recommending LG products or liable for anything mentioned here…

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