LG TVs 2018 Range will have THINQ and α (ALPHA) 9 Proccessor

After LG has announced the launch of Google assistant enable speaker THINQ incoming 2018 CES, now again they are with Artificial intelligence (AI) TV.

Recently, on their newsroom web portal, the LG has declared that at CES 2018 they are coming with a new range of  OLED and Super UHD TVs with Google Assistant and α (Alpha) 9 processor.

The embedded ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) functionality allows LG TV users to directly speak into the Remote to interact with Google’s voice assistant technology. ThinQ allows the implementation of hundreds of voice requests utilizing the company’s own open smart platform as well as third-party AI services.

LG TV’s 2018 Range will have THINQ and α (ALPHA) Proccessor

LG’s ThinQ TVs also lets people control their smart home products such vacuum cleaner (robot), AC,  air purifiers, smart lights, smart speakers and many other devices that can connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The new LG’s (Alpha) 9 processor powered theses TVs to enhance the OLED TVs viewing experience.


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