Microsoft in Windows 10 terminating delta updates to enable fast update mode

Recently, Microsoft officials said they plan before the February 2019 to cease the incremental updates (Delta Updates) systems in an iterative manner, turned to quickly update (Express Updates) completely replaced.

It is reported that in order to ensure efficient system update, Windows 10 has always supported three update methods: Full Updates, Express Updates and Delta Updates.

Among them, the incremental update and the fast update feature are most similar, both of which are based on the current situation of the system to selectively download and install the specified components. However, for technical reasons, the same effect of system updates, incremental updates require more file capacity.

Microsoft in Windows 10 delta updates to enable fast update mode

Image source: Microsoft officials

With the fast update method, the daily system update of Windows 10 can be carried out with a smaller load and smaller capacity file installation, which is greatly convenient for users.

In addition, according to Microsoft’s official news, the files required for fast update device downloads are usually between 150-200MB per month. And in theory, the newer the device, the more frequent the update, and the smaller the file size that needs to be downloaded.

Source: Microsoft blog post

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