Mitashi added new range of wireless speakers: TWR 8480 BT…

Mitashi Edutainment today has launched a new series of wireless speakers that comprises four new models. These are 2.0 channel tower speakers those come with Bluetooth, USB, SD/MMC Card Reader, and Digital FM Radio. The speakers also come with a cordless Mic that can be used for Karaoke.

Furthermore, the speaker features Remote Control and Touch control panel. All speakers possess the warranty of a Year. Price: INR 10,990/- onwards

Model 1: TWR 8480 BT:

TWR 8480 BT

It is a Dual-channel speaker system which comes with a 6000 W PMPO and BlueConnect Technology or USB, SD/MMC Card Reader.

Model 2: TWR 8499 BT:

TWR 8499 BT

This dual channel speaker system comes with a comfortable 7500 W PMPO wattage. And for the singing enthusiast, a Karaoke system with a Cordless Mike is included

Model 3: TWR 8699 BT:

TWR 8699 BT_1

This 2.0 channel speaker system is highly thumping sound craft that has 8000 W PMPO. It also has BlueConnect Technology, or USB, insert your SD/MMC Card Reader. Remote control and Feather Touch feature.

Model 4: TWR 9699 BT:

TWR 9699 BT speaker

A whopping power-packed 2.0 channel speaker system, with a 15,000 W PMPO outage makes it outrageously loud and fabulous to hear your favorite music; be it indoors or outdoors; it is simple pleasures unleashed



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