MobiOcean app offers a ready to use technology platform for Small Transporters

Nothing is impossible in the digital era and starting or scaling up a transport business can’t get simpler. The MobiOcean app offers a ready to use technology platform which boasts of multiple benefits.

MobiOcean app platform for Small Transporters

What is MobiOcean?

The ready platform by MobiOcean is basically an automated public transport solution. The platform enables any car/bike taxi companies to offer services in their city like app-based taxi services offered by leading players like OLA and UBER. They don’t have to take technology burden on themselves and in no time they can offer similar services by using Mobiocean Platform.

With the help of the app, firstly, travelers get to view information and receive alerts on their mobile phones. Secondly, vehicle drivers/coordinators receive information and alerts on their mobile phones. Thirdly, transport owners have a comprehensive view of vehicle movement and vehicle interior.

“Tier 1 towns and metros have convenient means of transport facilities offered by brands such as Ola and Uber. While they are present in smaller towns too but there is immense scope for the locals in the tier 2 towns to start their own taxi/bike business and make it work as professionally these leading App based Taxi and bike services brands.” 

“The platform brilliantly creates an ecosystem where travelers have all-time visibility of vehicles on the move, can save time via vehicle arrival forecast and can view essential information through public information displays. While the vehicle drivers/coordinators have access to all-round information and receive timely alerts. And the transport Owners have all-time visibility of vehicles and can better manage vehicle routes, view and monitor all activities inside vehicles, and avail activity report on routes with mileage, duration, and stop timings to optimize routes and save fuel” Said Mr. Kamal Rana, CEO, MobiOcean.

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