MrOwl rollout Social Cloud Storage with Unlimited Cloud Storage plan

MrOwl, a Social Cloud Storage platform has revealed unlimited cloud storage to its users for sharing as much as the content they can.  The users of the MrOwl can simply upload gigabytes of data via the app’s interface provided by the company to cloud that later can be accessed from anywhere. The good thing is we can use 10GB of cloud storage absolutely free.

Now, what is the Social Cloud Storage? It is a kind of app provided by the MrOwl which allows the users to store their data over cloud privately or share when necessary.

The word “Social” in the MrOwl’s social cloud storage has its own uniqueness, this added because the data which uploaded by the user to MrOwl cloud storage, if marked public by the user then the whole world can find it online without the need of any custom website. Plus, users receive free, unlimited cloud storage for files that are made public for the benefit of all users.

Links to download the MrOwl social cloud storage: Android and iPhone(iOS) 

MrOwl Social Cloud Storage

 Key Features included in Social Cloud Storage includes:

• MrOwl offers unlimited free storage for files under 20MB in size that are stored in public branches

• If it the uploaded single file goes above 20MB then it automatically moved to private cloud storage plan which limited to 10GB.

• MrOwl “branches” can be made with content contained in other cloud storage platforms, including documents and media files as well as links to internet sites. When users search these “branches”, they search the words inside documents and web pages simultaneously. This is a truly a unique search.

• Paid packages available with additional storage.

MrOwl Completes Internet Search

Social Cloud Search makes previously unsearchable information searchable. MrOwl users can now easily search the cloud, their computer files and the internet simultaneously because of the cloud, your computer and the internet belong in one search box.