NASA Photographer Shoots Falcon 9 Launch: A US$3,500 Canon DSLR Meltdown

NASA famous photographer Bill Ingalls recently took part in the shooting of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. He remotely operated the camera about 400 meters away from the launch platform by remote control, but when he recovered the equipment after shooting, he found his Canon 5DS camera and the expensive L-class lens both were melted down at high temperatures. The cost of the camera was worth 3,500 US dollars, only body.

Shoots Falcon 9

Image Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA

Fortunately, after the accident, Ingalls still managed to read the photos from the camera’s memory card. He said that although the camera on the edge of the launch pad looks a bit like “toast,” it continues to work until the last minute of life.

Bill Ingalls nasa falcon shot

Image Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA

At the same time, the camera also recorded the flames burning down their own flames.

camera own burning flame of nasa falcon 9

Image Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA

Coincidentally, earlier this year, John Kraus, the photographer who shot the rocket launcher, shot the Atlas V to air, and the camera about 90 meters away from the rocket was also damaged. Ingalls explained that the fact that the camera was melted down was not due to being too close to the launch pad, but mainly because the rocket fired a blazing flame and burned the camera.



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