NETGEAR Meural Canvas Digital Frame with Smart Alexa launched in India

NETGEAR, a well-known entity for networking products recently announced a new Digital frame- Menural Canvas. This innovative product allows consumers to use their smartphone to make a smart home. Meural Canvas is basically a Smart Digital Frame which has the ability to connect with a smartphone to show pictures and other digital arts.

The Meural Canvas features a Meural’s patented TrueArt technology that allows this Digital frame to show pictures just like real one we see in some art exhibition, claimed by the Netgear.

It features realistic art-viewing experience, including a signature matte, anti-glare display. The canvas can be easily controlled by hand gestures for browsing individual artworks and settings, the Meural mobile app or voice control via Amazon Alexa.

Meural comes in two sizes 27-inch and 21.5-inch  with a pre-paid 3-year membership to access a database of over 30,000 images in 1080P res. from various artists and institutions around the world.

The app connects the canvas to local Wi-Fi or, like remote control, manages content, image duration, schedules, settings and image brightness for all canvases. Personal photos can be uploaded at home or remotely.

Each frame is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths, as well as increased RAM and automatic orientation for displaying in vertical and horizontal modes. The canvas features an anti-glare matte finish. An easel is available or the product can be wall-mounted.

Pricing and Availability:

The NETGEAR Meural Canvas frame comes in four colours black, white, light wood and dark wood. Pricing available on request.

NETGEAR Meural Canvas_White frame

NETGEAR Meural Canvas-Horizontal-black NETGEAR Meural Canvas