New “God of War” sold 3.1 million copies in 3 days

Santa Monica Studio’s bold innovation in the legendary series of “God of War” has been praised by the media and players. Sony’s official blog post indicates that the new “God of War” has created new records and sold the first three days of global sales. With a good result of 3.1 million, it has become the fastest selling PS4 exclusive game in history.

God of War

Asad Qizilbash, Sony’s vice president of marketing, said that just two years ago when the “God of War” project was announced, we already knew that we had something truly special, and fans’ love for the setting of Kratos’s father and son association also made us Very happy, of course, this can not be separated from the contribution of the Santa Monica Studio Outstanding Team!

Shannon Studstill, head of Studios in Santa Monica, said that I would like to thank millions of fans all over the world and thank them for joining us in the adventure of Kratos. Everyone’s support is really inspiring. This is also ours. Always trying to break through the boundaries of play. Thanks also to Cory Barlog, Creative Director, Yumi Yang, Director of Development, and all the excellent teams of Santa Monica. I hope to hear more fans feel in the latest Ares game.

God of War sold 3.1 million copies in 3 days

Finally, Asad Qizilbash said: “We hope you enjoy playing this game, just as we like to create it for you!



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