Newgen Software released OmniScan Web 3.0

Newgen Software today released OmniScan Web 3.0 which enhanced version of their scanning solution offers advanced document scanning capabilities for businesses to capture the data instantly.

OmniScan Web 3.0 uses the web platform to capture the information and documents directly to ease the Business Process Management (BPM). Also, the newer version, according to the company ensures high-quality data output, reduced operating costs, better resource optimization and improved information security.

OmniScan Web 3.0 Key features:

  • Offers users flexibility to customize the language of the application and create templates in their preferred language. The solution supports various Unicode Languages such as Arabic, Latin, Greek and others
  • Enhances image quality through adaptive binarization while scanning documents such as passports, licenses and others
  • Maintains consistency and saves time by allowing users to extract information such as Data class, Form fields, Document Types and Folder from OmniDocs document repository
  • Helps in record identification by extracting barcode values and associating them with the index fields
  • Enables users to process unstructured documents quickly with automated document separation
  • Facilitates remote installation with MSI setup


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