Nokia 7 Plus after the stable Android Pie update

Nokia 7 Plus is among that handful of devices which got the Google’s latest Android 9.0 Pie. Now all the users can download the update and start enjoying the experience of using Google’s lovely new Android Pie operating system. But not anything in this world is perfect and neither Android Pie is. After using Android Pie for a week now, I came across a number of things which are quite improved over its predecessor, while there are even some, which Nokia or Google needs to work on, to make Android Pie the next best Android. So I am not here to complain. I am just here to share my experience after 1 week of using Android Pie on the HMD Global’s premium mid-range i.e. the Nokia 7 Plus.

You can read my complete review of Nokia 7 Plus in this link. Nokia 7 Plus being one among the initial devices getting the Pie update, there are already some bugs, and I am pretty sure, they will fix them in the upcoming updates. I also came across a number of other complaints most users have, after getting Nokia 7 Plus Android Pie update, from Nokia’s official forum, but I am keeping them away, at least in this article. There can be some unit specific troubles, and bringing them here will make the article an unending list of unsolved complaints.

Nokia 7 Plus after the stable Android Pie update

So let’s get started with the pros and cons of Nokia 7 Plus after the Android Pie update.

Nokia 7 Plus Pros:

  • Android Pie update on Nokia 7 Plus bring almost all the goodness of Google’s lovely new operating system, and it is amazing. The new system navigation works just like a charm. To know, how to enable the new system navigation, you can read this article.
  • Qualcomm AptX HD is supported on Nokia 7 Plus. But there was some bug in the Nokia 7 Plus’s Oreo edition, which resulted in the inability to use AptX HD with Bluetooth devices that has support for the same.
  • Google’s new Adaptive Battery feature dramatically improved the battery life on my Nokia 7 Plus by imposing restrictions on the apps, which are not used a lot. Google really did something remarkable on Nokia 7 Plus by introducing the Adaptive Battery feature.
  • The phone turns off and starts a little faster after the Android Pie update. This might not make big difference for all the users, but it is, after all, an improvement.
  • The camera interface got better on Nokia 7 Plus with the update. Though an update for the stock Camera app was rolled out a few weeks ago, the experience of using the updated camera app wasn’t as fluid as it is, after the latest Pie update.

So those were the pros. I will better call them improvements instead of pros though.

Nokia 7 Plus Cons:

Now let’s have a look at the cons of Nokia 7 Plus or the problems I started facing after the Pie update. Android Pie is still Google’s 6 months toddler, and I am sure there will be improvements. Though most of my complaints are related to the user interface.

  • Android Pie no longer supports drop-down menus on notification toggle icons, which used to offer some relevant quick settings for the particular notification toggle button on Android Oreo. I am not complaining it to Nokia, but I wish Google make this feature available once again on Pie. This feature is even available on some custom user interfaces like MIUI, Vibe UI etc. It’s sad to see it go on Android Pie.
  • The stock user interface of Android Pie has some bugs. One of them is given here. Some parts of the window don’t appear when I connect a physical keyboard and tap on the ‘Keyboard shortcuts helper’ button. You can understand my point better in the screenshot below.Nokia 7 Plus after the stable Android Pie update 1

There are some other UI bugs as well. The information on the notification toggles are sometimes too congested, making some part invisible, overlapping of the app drawer on the recent task screen are a few of them. I didn’t face those problems very often, and is thus, not adding any relevant screenshots.

  • The battery consumption by Bluetooth devices seems to have increased while using it with Nokia 7 Plus Pie edition. I have seen Mivi Thunder Beats and Samsung Level U Bluetooth earphones consuming unnecessary battery even when the Bluetooth devices are in standby mode. I didn’t notice such an issue on Nokia 7 Plus with Android Oreo. I tried disabling Qualcomm AptX HD for Mivi Thunder Beats, but it went in vain.
  • Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature is not yet available on Nokia 7 Plus. I don’t know who is responsible for this! But being an end user, I have this complaint. But Digital Wellbeing being an integral part of Android Pie, should be available for Nokia 7 Plus, as well, after some time.

So those were the cons.

My verdict

I don’t know, whether giving a verdict here will make any sense or not. You should surely upgrade to Android Pie because it is better. The Android Pie update also updates the handset with the latest September 2018 security patch, which is essential. I don’t know, whether Nokia is reading this article or not, but the improvements should be made as soon as possible to allow the users to enjoy Android Pie on Nokia 7 Plus to the fullest.

What are your views about the stable Android Pie update on Nokia 7 Plus? What are the issues you have faced after the update? Feel free to comment it down below.

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