Quantum Hi-Tech launches leather finish 10000mAh Power Bank, priced for ₹ 1499

QHMPL launches Power bank with the leather finished 10000mAh ‘QHM 10000’ equipped with 3 USB Ports.

According to the company, the Power Bank sports a minimalist design comes in black fits perfectly in your palm. The power bank’s high power capacity makes it great for charging multiple devices, especially considering its 3 USB charging ports.

The Power Bank has powerful & durable with built-in Li-polymer battery cell along intelligent circuitry that provides safe, long-lasting charging performance. With RISC Micro Processor Controlled for fast charging and enhanced battery life cycle, the power bank allows 500 times charge-discharge cycle for continuous use.

With a max output of 5V-2AMPS & conversion rate up to 80%, the power bank adapts to the connected device when in use, claimed by the QHMPL. The Power bank upholds against overcharging and short circuits keeping the devices safe all the time.

In shades of Black and White, the Power Bank is available with leading retail and e-commerce stores in India.