Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad launched in India at ₹ 3499

Recently, the RAPOO has launched the wireless version of their gaming pad- Rapoo VPRO V600S. The RAPOO’s new wireless gaming pad is available across India via Rapoo authorized challenge partners. The MRP of the gaming pad is ₹34,99. Rapoo also mentioned in the public press release that the device will shortly available on Amazon.in too, however, the wired version of Rapoo gaming pad i.e VPRO V600 will remain in the market at the price of ₹2999.

The Rapoo VPRO V600S has a dual touch design and a classic button layout. It has 8-way direction pad and dual analog sticks including slip resistant side and fine grip lines to hold it conveniently while playing games.

Rapoo VPRO V600S blue Rapoo VPRO V600S red Rapoo VPRO V600S yellow Rapoo VPRO V600S

Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad has the compatibility with common platforms. The users can play games on Windows PC using the XInput (X) mode while the DirectInput (D) mode can use to play classic gamepad games on PC Windows. The Android (A) standard mode can be used to play Android-supported gamepad games.

To turn off the vibration, the gamers can use the VIB button, to switch mode the X/D/A and for activating the semi or fully automatic rapid fire functions the TUR button is there.