Recipients to get forwarded tag on WhatsApp

WhatsApp seems to be in a race against the clock, as it is introducing new features almost every month. Now, you can get a new feature, which can assist you in recognizing typed and forwarded messages.

There isn’t any doubt, WhatsApp is meant for personal communication. But, just like other messaging applications, you can also get the option to forward messages on WhatsApp. But you never come to know, when you receive a forwarded message.

But, WhatsApp will now tell you, whether you are getting a forwarded message or a message typed by the sender. The feature was first spotted in WhatsApp version 2.18.179, and the users are likely to get this feature soon.

What will happen is that, when you send a message by tapping on the forward icon, the recipient will get a small tag showing ‘Forwarded’, just above the message. Now you can recognize, whether the multimedia messages sent to you are the output of the sender’s creativity, or it was a forwarded one just like the other ones.

But merely copying a message, and sending it over WhatsApp to a recipient will not come with the forwarded tag on top of the message. Thus, the feature is only limited to messages, which are sent using the ‘Forward’ feature available in WhatsApp.

Even the users taking screenshots of the messages and send it, the recipients will not get the forwarded tag. This is a new feature, which will be helpful for a certain class of people.

What is your view about the new forwarded tag feature? Please let me know your opinions in the comment section down below.

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