Resident Evil 8 Release Date & Other Speculations

Since the release of Resident Evil 7 in 2017, the Resident Evil series shifted its paradigm to another level. After the success of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, the developers gone with the ambitious effort of making the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. The Resident Evil 2 Remake released on Jan 2019 while the Resident Evil 3 Remake released in April 2020 and both of them got the attention and praise from the fans. As after Resident Evil 7, the Capcom shifted towards third-person role-play, many of the fans are already speculating over if Capcom is going to shift back towards the First-person role-play or not. The eight-game instalment or so-called Resident Evil 8 has not been confirmed yet, but Capcom devs have officially acknowledged that they are already working on their next Resident Evil project. As fans loved the classic third-person Resident Evil, though the first-person resident evil was even more fun and intense as a horror game. So, it is hard to tell that what to expect from Capcom this time, but players are damn excited for damn sure.

Resident Evil 8 Release Date & Other Speculations


Resident Evil 8 Release Date

As there are no official announcement or any leaked news about this matter, but according to some logical speculations, the Resident Evil 8 would release on Summer, 2021. As you can see Capcom is working tirelessly with their resident Evil projects and also are releasing a game almost every year, as the last three games on 2017, 2019 and 2020. All of those games came out in the first half of the year. So, according to that tradition, we can expect the Resident evil 8 release to take place in the first half of the next year.

What we know about Resident Evil 8

  • As we know that the launch of PS5 and Xbox series X is on the verge, so we can definitely expect that the Resident Evil 8 would be launched on the next-gen consoles as well, along with the Xbox One and PS4. Now due to the Corona Pandemic, the release of the new Consoles may be pushed back, but then also we can expect that Resident Evil 8 would be launched on the next console as soon as the consoles hit the market.
  • As we all know that the Resident Evil 7 was a big deviation from the main storyline of the franchise, and the RE 7 Biohazard did not feature any of the main heroes or the iconic villains in the game. But, this time with the RE 8 we can expect a big turn in the story, which may lead to the engagement of the famous heroes and the infamous villains again in the main storyline.
  • As per the recent leaks, some of the sources are saying that Chris Redfield would be in a major role in the storyline of Resident Evil 8. Even some sources speculate, due to the twisting turn of the storyline, Chris Redfield’s character would be an antagonistic role. Which leads us to believe there would that there would be another heroic character in the game. Sources speculating the involvement of the Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters, in the main storyline of Resident Evil 8.
  • The development of the resident Evil 8 project speculatively has a name, according to many leaked sources, the name is “Village”. If this is going to be the title of the game, then we can speculate some more things from the title itself. Resident Evil 8 is going to feature a relatively small world map, based on a European Village, almost like the Resident Evil 4.
  • There are no leaked image or clips available for the RE 8 speculations, from which one can derive any sort of information about the RE 8 gameplay. The only thing about the gameplay is being said that RE 8 is going to feature a first-person style game-play again, and hence this time the game is again going to be a horror-survival type game, instead of an action-horror game. The game is going to feature put the focus on dramatic occult elements like a hallucination, fatigue, distrust of other characters, etc.

Confirmed Details from Capcom side
  • According to a recent Reddit post, Capcom development team has invited a few members their Resident Evil Ambassadors Programme to test and review an upcoming game, which is not revealed yet. So, we can hope that this unrevealed game can be the Resident Evil 8 itself, but also it can be a new entry and a new reboot to the very old “Dino Crisis” franchise as reportedly Capcom has recently filed for a brand trademark over the series, and we all know players around the world are preferring horror-survival games very much since last five years.
  • On the other hand, Capcom has confirmed something from their side, which is the Project Resistance, a new 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror-action game set in the world of Resident Evil itself. This may not be the thing you were looking for in this article, but yes it is going to satisfy many Resident Evil fans out there.
  • Resident Evil 8 is going to feature VR support again, and the experience is going to be even more immersive this time.

Wrapping Up

The news which I have conveyed in this article is based on various Reddit posts and many other articles from the web here and there. Some of the confirmed details came from the community forums and Capcom dev forums as well. But, most of the speculations are going to be true as per the logic, but do not be disappointed to see the game coming out in other from, otherwise, as at the end of the day, most of the speculation is just good logic and fans’ expectations, which may not meet the ends.


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