Samsung continues to dominate the semiconductor market leader

According to a report from Korean media Business Korea, Samsung has become the world’s highest semiconductor shipments for three consecutive quarters. From the data trend point of view, Samsung is likely to maintain this trend until the end of this year, mainly the semiconductor market is relatively prosperous, strong market demand, while Intel’s growth slowed down, giving Samsung more opportunities.

Samsung continues to dominate the semiconductor market leader

Data show that in the first quarter, sales of Samsung Semiconductor reached US$18.607 billion, an increase of over 45% year-on-year, accounting for 16.1% of the total share of the global semiconductor market. This is a staggering figure and Intel’s market share is 13.6%, sales of 15.745 billion US dollars. However, Intel’s growth rate was only 11.1% year-on-year, and Samsung did not grow rapidly.

In the third and fourth positions were SK Hynix and Micron respectively, with sales of $8.1 billion and $7.4 billion respectively. Qualcomm ranked sixth.

This year’s strongest growth rate is the DRAM memory market, which has reached 37% growth, and Samsung is better because of its strength in this area. In addition, the development of the Internet of Things makes semiconductor products grow at the same speed.

In addition, Nvidia, the leader in the AI field, was promoted from tenth to ninth. Infineon pushed into the 10th position, and NXP (NXP) has dropped out of the top 10.

The data also shows that in 2018, global semiconductor industry sales will reach US$463.4 billion, and it is continuously creating new historical highs.

Source: Korean business and Statista Samsung Semiconductor growth report 2018

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