Samsung Launches IoT enabled Family Hub Refrigerator

Each every machine now moving towards to connect with internet then why not refrigerator? Recently, the Samsung has unveiled a refrigerator which is IoT enabled and they called it a Family Hub. According to Samsung, the Family Hub will bring a revolutionize in the Indian refrigerator industry and set a new standard for connected living.

Samsung said the Indians are moving quickly to adopt the digitization that’s why today they have the large internet user base. According to the Samsung, the modern Indian families have now developed a habit of bulk shopping once/twice a week using apps, global cuisines/ingredients and healthy living awareness and smart appliances purchasing.

They also stated that the Family Hub has won the best innovation award at CES 2018. Because of the experience which it gives to the user. It has a 21-inch touchscreen and Bixby voice control to interact with the consumer.

Samsung Family hub IOT refrigerator

The Family Hub works under an ecosystem in which it allows the users to control and monitor other Samsung connected appliances such as Flex Wash Washing Machine and Smartphone. It has a built-in camera so that a user can directly get the glimpse of inside on the Family Hub screen without opening the door. It also gives information about the food with expiration dates. Even you can directly look inside the refrigerator via your smartphone.

Samsung Launches IoT enabled Family Hub Refrigerator

It also features built-in-screen whiteboard, Memo and Photo Album functions, ability to update and share calendars, photos and hand-write and sent notes; Web browser and live radio app, mirror Samsung Smart TV option, AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker, direct streaming content from the smartphone.

The price of Samsung Family Hub 3.0 French Door model is INR 280,000 with all the top of the line features such as multi-door format, Flex Zone (Convertible), ice and water dispenser, triple cooling and large capacity (810L).


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