Second generation Snapchat Spectacles Finally Announced at $150

Recently Sanpcahat has unveiled successor of their previous generation Spectacles. This second generation Snapchat Spectacles cum sunglasses has the built-in camera that can record the 10, 20, or 30 seconds small clips those can upload and share directly to Snapchat.  The price of new Snapchat Spectacles is set to $150 USD.

The second generation Sanpchat sunglasses are smaller and more comfortable to wear and carry than before. This time the glasses are water resistant that means you can wear them in the pool too.

The Snapchat also mentioned that the camera hardware of the glasses are updated and can record the HD videos with better audio because of the dual microphones. Besides capturing the videos, it can also be used to click the still images which wouldn’t not possible in the first generation spectacles of Snapchat.

Second generation Snapchat Spectacles

Also, according to the,  the transferring speed of images from Spectacles to the phone is now faster and take less time over glasses ad-hoc WiFi connection.

If you talk about the battery then you can now shoot around 70 videos on a single charge. Also, the glasses come with a carry case that can charge the Specteclaes 4 times before it itself need a charge.

This wearable camera cum sunglasses come in three color tones: onyx (black), ruby (red), and sapphire (blue).