Silk Contract Logistics Deployed Zebra’s TekSpeech Pro

Zebra technologies is the well-known brand in the scanner, barcode printers and mobile computers stuffs. Today they have announced that to enhance the productivity the Silk Contract Logistics has deployed Zebra’s voice-directed warehouse picking solution.

The Silk Contract Logistics has 21 ware house across Australia and operates a wide range of sectors including FMCG, food and dairy and light industrial, and helps them in their distribution.

The company recently has deployed the Zebra’s mobile printers, and wearable computers equipped with voice-directed picking software TekSpeech Pro. 

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Basically, the TekSPeech Pro is multi-modal speech directed picking software. It is a speech based voice directed solution that helps the company to increase their productivity and reduce the errors in operations.

Speech-based voice-directed solutions are well-known for their ability to increase productivity and reduce errors in picking operations.  The Teckspeech Pro also provides the tool those helps in to make voice-directed workflows easily. One can create dialogue scripting to host integration, deployment and solution management.

It has speech Process Analyzer (SPA) developed by Zebra Technologies which is business intelligence data capture platform for multimodal speech-directed solutions. By providing accurate facts and figures on the performance of the users and the system, this platform allows you to easily monitor your operations and determine what improvements can help you realize your logistic objectives

TekSpeech Pro 4 silk contract logistics

Deployment Key Facts

  • The deployment includes the WT41N0 wearable computer, the Bluetooth-enabled RS507 ring scanner and TekSpeech Pro voice-directed picking software.
  • The WT41N0 wearable computer screen can be used to display images of goods or complex identifiers such as serial numbers (in non-barcode format) that are not efficiently conveyed in a voice-only system, while ring scanners allow workers to handle material with both hands.
  • TekSpeech Pro has the capability to combine functionalities of a camera, display screen, location services and RFID, which also opens-up applications in areas outside the warehouse, such as retail and field service. Silk Contract Logistics is the first enterprise in Australia to deploy this solution.