Sonos Announces a Cheaper Home Theatre Smart Speaker- Sonos Beam

A new compact home theatre speaker, the Sonos Beam, was announced by Sonos today in a special event at San Francisco.

The cheaper device also has a much smaller footprint as compared to its more expensive predecessors. Sonos Beam is approximately 60% smaller and 28% shorter than the Playbase. It comes with a price tag of just $399. The shutters of the re-order process of the speaker have been pulled up by the company today.

new compact home theatre speaker Sonos Beam

This new speaker will support Amazon’s Alexa. It will also boast of Airplay 2 connectivity which will hit the markets by July. The company also aims at gaining support from other voice assistants shortly. Getting Alexa on board has added manifold to the attractions of this small yet fantastic package.  This smart speaker will make performing mundane jobs like turning off the lights and lowering the volume of the speaker a piece of cake. Also, FireTV support will further enrich your experience by allowing you to query Alexa to direct you to specific shows and movies.

Sonos is still struggling to make a firm stand in the market for home-based smart products. In such a scenario, this launch has become an occasion of celebration for the organization believes that people are always seeking the best way to listen. Deep-pocketed tech giants like Google and Amazon have down massive investments in this field, and thus Sonos is left with but a small proportion of the market share. The home audio market is increasingly becoming more about the embedded AI in these devices rather than the sound quality itself. To leave a mark in this rat race, Sonos has indeed placed a smart bet through this brand new development.

In fact, this is not a brand new effort made by Sanos. In the past, it has been consistent in its efforts to provide a quality experience to its loyal customers. Sonos added Alexa functionality to its Sonos One Speaker which will also pick up support in July for Apple’s Airplay 2 alongside the Playbase Play:5 and the new Beam device.

The market at large will only determine the success of these new additions. Will Sonos succeed in leaving a mark in the tech market which is majorly gobbled up by the giants? This pursuit will be an interesting one to observe.


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