Sony presents a back Button Attachment for PS4 DualShock 4 controller

The new controller update “Back Button Attachment” is most likely is a link to make it PS5 compatible and it is coming out before the release of the next-gen PS5 gaming console.

When every PlayStation fan is eagerly waiting for an official announcement and unveiling of PS5, a new product accessory Back Button Attachment for the PS4 DualShock 4 controller is announced by Sony. It is a customizable back button for the controller that you can attach in your PS4 controller. If you wish to buy it then you can get that from February 2020 for 29.99 dollars.

Using the headphone jack slot of the controller you can attach the back button which will provide you two extra touchpads that can be used for mapping out of any 16 expected actions those a user usually use with the help of the face button and triggers of the controller.

back Button Attachment for PS4 DualShock 4 controller

Users can configure the buttons as they use it to play and the feature will help them to save up to three different profiles for multiple games. There is a central touchscreen OLED display is available in between the two buttons of the new gear for customization of the buttons.

It will consume the headphone jack slot of the DualShock 4 controller but you will still be able to use headphones while playing your favourite game with that gamepad. Thanks to the headphone jack slot attached with the product that will enable you to play your games without any unnecessary noise.

back button accessory for Sony PS4 controllers

The time of the announcement of this new feature is raising the eyebrows of many PlayStation fans for the concern of the compatibility of this controller with the upcoming PS5 console. There is no official update about the PS5 compatibility to this but it will not be surprising if the rumours will convert into a reality. According to Sony all the available titles for PS4 and PSVR is tested and approved with this attachment. So we can assume that the PS5 version of controllers might have a built-in back button from the start.

For some days Xbox Series X has the majority of the spotlight for its unexpected revelation and announcement. For that reason, Sony might reveal the update of this new attachment gear to gain some attention towards the upcoming PS5. With the speculated games that the users might have in the PS5 after the release, this next-gen console is quite interesting to talk about it and predicting the possibilities of the future of it. Even the PS4 upcoming games are no shortage of excitement especially when you will have that new product to aid you in your gaming journey.

It is still unknown when the new PS5 will come into the market but it is expected to come out the late next year of 2020. And we are waiting for any kind of official update of it. But the back button product is available from 14th February of 2020 to experience a new chapter of it. And it could be a good feature to surpass the updated Dpad controller of Xbox Series X to benefit the sale of PS5.

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