SQUATS Unveils mobile app FITTR for Fitness conscious users

From an online community on Facebook helping people with their basic queries around fitness and nutrition to launching diet and wellness centers across the metro cities and now stepping into the mobile world, Pune-based online fitness consultation platform, SQUATS has come a long way. With an integrated platform for all the fitness enthusiasts to plan their customized diet, fitness, and wellness, it has recently launched a mobile app, FITTR app. Available on Apple iOS and Android.

The FITTR mobile application promises a smooth and hassle-free experience through a set of features that enable the users to make the most of its services. The app offers automated diet charts, BMR analysis, quantified food details, weekly diet chart planner along with healthy food recipes. Once the user feeds in the required data like his/her age, weight and other health details, the app automatically generates a plan based on the information shared. Users can also opt for a complete transformation package and book an appointment with a SQUATS Nutrition and Fitness Consultant dietician as per the time slot listed on the app.

SQUATS Unveils mobile app FITTR for Fitness conscious users

According to the SQUATS, the FITTR app comes with a free subscription, which means fitness freaks or those who don’t want to pay for a gym membership and a dietician can regulate their diet, lose inches and get fit in just a few taps. Future releases will include ready workout templates with the option of creating a customized workout plan to achieve their fitness goals. Besides, the app connects the community of fitness enthusiasts where they can post pictures, answers others questions and post their inspirational transformation journeys


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