Staqu unveils AI-powered Smart Glass to trigger Facial Recognition

An Indian Startup has announced an AI-powered Smart Glass which is capable of both, speech and image recognition. It meant to help in the personal security to identify potential threats to the civil society, such as criminals, intruders or terrorists, lurking around or amidst us.

How does the Staqu Artificial Intelligence powered Smart Glass work?

The AI smart glass uses its built camera to captures the faces to trigger Facial Recognition. After Smart Glass starts matching them in the given database and if it finds the face there, it will project the information on the glass screen. The company claims that even in wild scenarios, the Smart Glass by Staqu fuses together speech and image recognition to utilize a hybrid identification technology and uniquely identify anyone.


Satque artificial intelligenece smartglasses

This is a first-of-its-kind technology that utilizes both speech and image recognition. Furthermore, the information is streamed in real-time from a centralized server. The glasses can further be controlled from the centralized administrative portal, and specific recognition targets for each glass can be set remotely.

AI smart glasses

Previously, the Staqu had launched the ABHED app, helping police forces record and identify criminals on the run. Staqu launched the program of ABHED, together with the Rajasthan Police. The program resulted in the police nabbing over 1500 criminals in the first three months, post which the app reached other states of North India.

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