STEELBIRD Launches Steelbird connect- Share & Earn Social app

Steelbird, a prominent name in auto accessories especially for helmets today has entered into the Social Media industry with a launch of an app named “Steelbird Connect- Share & Earn”.

As per the Steelbird, the main motive of theirs to launch a new social networking platform when already a dozen of in the market is to synergise networking, socialising and creating of a business model for users to earn money.

During the launch of the Steelbird connect app, the company mentioned that this app is different in comparison with the rest of such as Facebook, twitter etc. It not only offers a way to communicate with fellows but also offers a quick route to earn while browsing through your favourite content on the internet. Which is considered as a win-win game by the Steelbird for both, the person who posts something and the person who shares the same… The application to run both on Android and iOS.

STEELBIRD Launches Steelbird connect- Share & Earn Social app

The earning model is something like, the user needs to earn points which he/she will earn on every share those further can be redeemed via shopping mall application or on

The company mentioned India is currently spending INR 108 billion on digital advertising to market their products and out of which around 80% of this segment is being dominated by Google and Facebook alone. In such, scenario they expected to create one of the strongest digital ad platforms.

At present digital advertising is the fastest growing advertisement medium in India and the same is expected to continue in the foreseeable future with social media emerging as one of the strongest digital ad platforms. A large pie ie around 80% of this segment is being dominated by Google and Facebook alone.

This application will also provide an instant and quick viral roadmap to all brands, multi-national companies, vloggers, social media celebrities, Singers & Artists. They just need to post the promotional video, photograph or any creative post on Steelbird Connect Share and Earn, apply a bid and that’s all. The application provides freedom to select the bid price of per share which is the another USP of this medium. Higher the bid and the post will be shown on the top of the screen and better chances of quick sharing.

Through this platform, the brands can increase their fan following and viewership at a very low cost as there sponsored posts will be shared by millions of users because they will be prompted to earn SB coins by sharing these posts. If one person has 5,000 fans on Facebook and 5,000 followers on share and Earn then by sharing one such post with a bid price of Rs. 1 only the post will reach out to 10,000 audiences and the cost of promotion per person will be 0.0001 Paise only.

Download Steelbird connect for Android and iOS

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