• Stulish, the new Sarahah alternative anonymous messaging app

    The internet is filled with a number of opportunities. All the social networking users got a new opportunity, months ago. Yes, to confess things. Ah great, you have a great memory! I am talking about Sarahah anonymous messaging app & online platform. A number of users registered on it and did their confessions honestly. Those inquisitive users even clicked on the links claiming to disclose the names of the users who confessed. But it didn’t work in most cases. Yes, spams exist, unfortunately! But Sarahah is somewhat a closed chapter in the world of social networks.

    Stulish anonymous messaging app

    But wait. There is something new. Yes, start confessing honestly again, with Stulish anonymous messaging app. Stulish.com is only available for Android & iPhone  right now and can’t be used on other mobile platforms like Microsoft Windows phone. It is similar to that of Sarahah and offers a similar user interface. Just enter the username after ‘stulish.com’ to start confessing. After registering, you can even share your Stulish profile link on Facebook or other platforms. Come on! Let the Facebook friends confess things about you. That’s not the end. You can even share the link in other ways.

    Just like Sarahah, there is even a Stulish Android app. But searching for it won’t reveal the actual app. Don’t ask me why! But wait! Just search for Sarahah on the Play Store and the first app should be the one you should download. The complete name of the app is ‘Stulish – Anonymous Messages’. It is developed by HLN Entertainment. Tired! Get it here. The small 19 MB sized app should be downloaded on your phone to start getting anonymous messages. Though you can send anonymous messages without even downloading the app.

    For users, who need to send a lot of anonymous messages, long live Stulish! Hope this trend of Stulish goes on for the next few months. What is your view about such kind of anonymous messaging platforms! Let me know about it in the comment section down below.



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