Tata Tele Business Services offers ‘Secure Connect’ to make Cloud services more secure for Enterprises

New Delhi, May 24, 2018: Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), one of the leading enterprise service providers of India has introduced ‘Secure Connect’, a new feature to make Cloud computing more secured for the enterprises.  The company announced this at its Do Big Forum, an interactive knowledge platform focused on enabling SMEs to understand the technological aspect and benefits of cloud computing and also apprise them about Secure Connect.

Secure Connect, one of the recent offerings by TTBS which privatizes a public cloud network, extending it with the security of a private network; faster data transfers help data-heavy Enterprise applications operate with ease, and further offers a seamless end-user experience while you transition between the private network and the Cloud.

Mr. Vishal Bhat, Vice President for Business operations – North (SME), Tata Tele Business Services said, “One of the major deterrents for SMEs in the adoption of Cloud services is the issue of data security. In the ever-increasing era of data leaks, a good cloud computing security solution should have an inbuilt security protocol that protects sensitive information and transactions. Our MPLS VPN now comes with Secure Connect–a bridge that offers a private & dedicated connection to leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure. Secure Connect is a value add-on to the existing MPLS VPN service offering that offers you connectivity to the Cloud. Through Secure Connect, you get secure enterprise-grade network connectivity to the public cloud infrastructure that is SLA backed and predictable.”

The business environment today is highly distributed, with companies operating out of multiple geographic locations. In order to have a cohesive operations and support collaborative working among employees across various offices, it is vital that each facility is able to connect to central facilities. According to the Gartner report, there is an expected 21 percent jump compared to $153.5 billion in 2017, led by cloud infrastructure services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which should grow 35 percent in 2018 to $40.8 billion.

The forum further discussed the existing MPLS VPN being a secure and scalable way of connecting several locations on a private network to cater to the multifaceted needs of a dynamic, growing enterprise, with additional facilities to streamline access to distributed workforces and support real-time information sharing. Nearly 100 delegates from SME community attended the forum.