This year’s Apple Watch Series 4 improvements expectations

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Apple this year really busy because after launching the iPhone X they have more pressure to put some innovation in the Apple devices even in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. As you know that Vivo has presented NEX and OPPO’s Find X both gone one step ahead in terms of design if compared them with the iPhone X. However, coming to the main topic of this article which is the features expectations in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 before their official September Conference.

Apple Watch Design

This year’s Apple Watch will enable the first major design revolution in this product line since its launch in 2015. According to well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the frame of upcoming Apple watch may get thin to reduce the overall size to increase the display size and also the transition from screen to edge is smoother.

In a March report, Ming-Chi Kuo explained that the display of the new Apple Watch will be 15% larger than the current Apple Watch Series. Recently, he claimed that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be equipped with 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch displays for the 38mm and 42mm models, respectively, but the overall size of the fuselage will not change.

If you compare the Apple Watch Series 3  38mm and 42mm models those are equipped with a 1.5-inch and 1.65-inch display, respectively. If you consider this body then it is small to increase the size of the display and definitely need an upgrade.

If Apple really uses a reduced border to increase the size of the display screen, it is necessary to use an iPhone X-like design on the edge of the watch.

Since the Apple Watch’s current display is small, small changes can significantly increase the usability of the device. The photo can show more detail, the dial can display a larger number, and more text can be displayed at the same time, which means that the scroll of the digital crown will be reduced, extending the life of the device.

However, in addition to the increase in screen size, Apple may not make any design changes to the Apple Watch, such as a new look or thinner body. However, the increase in screen size will be a very noteworthy change for many people.

Solid-state touch buttons

Similar to Apple’s changes on the iPhone 7’s Home button, and this year’s Apple Watch may use new solid-state buttons. Last month, a report from the Fast Company detailed Apple’s abandonment of the current physical digital crown and side buttons to use solid buttons driven by the Taptic Engine.

Basically, the side buttons of the Apple Watch will no longer be true buttons. However, when you press it, it still feels like a real button, but the tactile feedback will be provided by the Taptic Engine. At the same time, the digital crown is said to still provide physical scrolling, but the feeling of pressing will also be simulated by the Taptic Engine.

Apple watch series 3 buttons
Apple watch series 3 buttons

For Apple Watch Series 4, this change will result in some feature upgrades. First of all, because there is no physical gap between the button and the Apple Watch itself, the waterproof technology of the body of the Apple smart watch is expected to be further improved. In addition, as the Fast Company also mentioned, solid-state buttons take up less space than traditional buttons, providing internal space for larger batteries.

Although this may not sound like a big change, the Apple Watch Series 4’s Taptic Engine button should give users some significant improvements.

Apple Watch Health features

Apple always paying a close attention to health and exercise features on the Apple Watch. The tech giant has added further improvements in the form of watch OS 5, such as sports competitions, automatic detection of workouts, and more.

From a hardware upgrade perspective, Ming-Chi Kuo said, Apple Watch Series 4 will include improved heart rate monitoring. It’s unclear what this means, because Apple Watch is now considered to be the most accurate heart rate monitoring device in smart watches.

However, in other health areas, Apple is being overtaken by companies such as Fitbit. Fitbit supports sleep tracking and sleeps apnea detection, which is not yet possible with Apple Watch. We very much hope to see Apple focus on these areas, but at the moment we know very little about its plans.

Apple Watch Performance

Thanks to the new dual-core S3 processor which has shown a significant improvement int eh Apple watch series 3 in terms of speed and performance.

It’s unclear what processor will be used in the Apple Watch Series 4, but if Apple continues to use the previous processor naming scheme, the processor of the new Apple Watch should be named S4. However, it is unclear what improvements the new processor will bring.

In addition to the processor, there are many users expecting Apple to further extend the life of the device on the Apple Watch Series 4. But so far, we have not got the exact news in this regard.

Apple Watch Price

New Apple Watch pricing strategy will almost certainly remain unchanged. The GPS model for the Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329. If you upgrade to a cellular model, the price will rise to $399. There is currently no indication that Apple will change the pricing of Apple Watch this year, but it would be a good thing to see the price of a cellular model down to $329.

The release of the Apple Watch Series 4

According to the rumors, the Apple is likely to launch the new series of the watch in September. In the past few years, the first three Apple Watches were released at Apple’s new product launch in September. As for when to go public, we expect Apple to bring the new Apple Watch to market in September.

From your point of view what would be the additional features should be there in the Apple Watch 4 series.

Information source 9to5 Mac

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