Toreto Flare Multi-Utility Power Bank at ₹ 1,999

Toreto has launched Toreto Flare, a power bank that can be turned into an LED lamp.  According to the company, one can take it to the camping site; it can be placed on the study table and even can be used as a fancy light for infants to make them sleep while hanging it above the cradle, thanks to its flexible metal tube.  It has 3 levels of brightness; makes it easy to use and doesn’t affect the sensitivity of your eyes. Moreover, you can store some of your easy-to-lose items in the small storage unit below the lamp/power bank base.

With 5200 mAh battery and it provides an output of 2.1A. The Toreto Flare power bank also works as an LED lamp.

Toreto Flare Multi-Utility Power Bank

Toreto Flare power bank Features:

3 Levels Dimmable:

A single button allows you to adjust the brightness of its light for up to 3 levels. At first level you can enjoy your outdoor camping, on the second level you can read and write with ease and the third level allows your baby to have a sound sleep where darkness doesn’t scare at all.

Toreto Flare power bank Features

Tiny Container:

The base of the Flare has a small container with a few inches’ space where you can store small items that tend to get lost easily. For example pen drive, paperclips, binder clips, eraser, important keys, to name a few. You can also keep spare change in it.

Flexible Neck/Handle:

Flare has a metal tube attached to it that turns into the lamp handle when used like one, and turn into power bank handle when used like one. So you are free to make your LED lamp stand or hang wherever you want.

White And Blue Contrast:

The combination of the power bank and LED lamp undoubtedly boasts of funky look with its white-blue base and random selection of colours. Here, blue reverberates the cool quotient where white, on the other hand, strikes the balance between the features, charging and light provision.

Pricing and Availability:

Toreto Flare Power Bank / Led Lamp is available at all leading e-commerce platforms at an affordable price of INR 1,999.


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