Updates on the E3 Keynote and announcements

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The weather seems to be breezy, and the sun is shining brightly in the skies of Los Angeles. The good news is finally here. E3 has brought in a series of announcements for gaming enthusiasts. Enthusiasts much anticipate the BioWare game Anthem. They are waiting eagerly for this game, and with every reveal, E3 is only raising the tension. Some gameplay footage of the game was also offered. Moreover, there was also an announcement of a new indie game. It was a low-key start in all to a week full of surprises and eventful days. However, the coming week has a lot to offer.

Updates on the E3 Keynote and announcements

Anthem would be here on February 22nd, 2019

The game was announced last year. Since then the details of its release are being waited impatiently by gamers worldwide. Mass Effects Studio Bioware’s game, Anthem is all set to launch on 22nd February 2019. Talking of its features, it is a shared-world role-playing game. It is set in an exciting and hostile future where players don powered armour suits known as ‘javelines’ to play cooperative missions, This team, E3 didn’t leave the masses in the dark. The reveal was not disappointing. It was coupled with a release date as well as a few minutes of gameplay along with additional details about the much-awaited game. The footage that has been revealed till now does portray a few exciting features of the game. It seems to be the bliss point of mech warfare and massively multiplayer gameplay. The epic science fiction further garnishes that Bioware has already proved its mettle in.


Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale Mode.

Well, seeing the current trends this news is not much of a surprise. Nowadays it seems that every game is getting a competitive multiplayer game mode inspired by the massively popular PlayerUnknown’s battleground and Fortnite. However, the reveal has been made now. Now, we know for sure that Battlefield will give you an almost unmatched experience of being the last player to fight in a World War II Battlefield. Anyway, a new trailer with a little bit of multiplayer gameplay has been lately doing the rounds. Some details about the game’s single player  War Stories were also unveiled.


Yarny Platformer Unravel’s Sequel is Out

The first Unravel stole hearts and made its place in the gaming arena through its unbelievably adorable protagonist, Yarny. I am mostly ignoring the fact that sometimes it turned a bit frustrating due to its puzzle platformer gameplay. The great game finally has a successor. The successor is claimed to be “friendlier” as well as more challenging than the original version. Among the changes that have been incorporated in the sequel, one of the most interesting ones is that it will now have two Yarny characters instead of just one. This effectively means that the game will provide the option of either a single player controlling both the character or enjoying a dual challenge. It has been released on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.


Sea of Solitude’s new trailer is out.

Sea of Solitude’s new trailer is out, and it is the perfect combination of beauty and melancholy at the same time. One of the core themes of this indie game is that “when humans turn lonely, they turn into monsters”. Portraying the same, the protagonist Kay is shown to be stuck in a similar predicament. Kay’s plight is masterfully described as he tours a deserted city finding others like himself. Sea of Solitude is a much-awaited game indeed. It will be a haunting little popular game when it comes out in early 2019 on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.


Brace Yourself for a Lot of New Star Wars Material

Titanfall developer Respawn hinted at a new Star Wars game before the show. It is now revealed that it is called Star Wars Jedi: the Final order. However, many details about the same haven’t been announced yet. It will be a story-based single player game. It is set for release during the holiday season of 2019. It has a dark and gritty feel to it and is set after the Revenge of the Sith, where the Jedi are being hunted.


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