Videos with copyrighted music are now allowed on Facebook

Facebook users will no longer have to worry about their videos with copyrighted music in the background being taken down thanks to a series of contracts that the organization has now signed with some of the biggest record labels out there.

The teen sensation app Musically has received unprecedented fandom. To compete with the same, Facebook is now planning to come with its very own Lip Syncing feature to steal the teens away from this recently trending app. Facebook’s new Lip Sync live allows users to lip-sync to their favorite songs during a live broadcast. Hundreds of songs will be available to start. These songs include those by some of the biggest record labels and those who have recently topped the charts. The songs which will be available include “Havana” by Camila Cabello, “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses and “God’s plan” by Drake.


When users upload their music along with the song in the background they will be notified beforehand whether the song is now allowed to play in the background thanks to the latest contracts or whether the user will have to raise a dispute to the copyright and then get it approved by the owner through Facebook’s Rights Manager Tool. Facebook will compensate the artists and music labels whose songs are being used in the best possible manner. However, the amount that is being paid or whether the amount depends on upload or video views will not be revealed to the users of the social media platform.

Recently, Facebook had also come with a Sound Collection feature in last December. This feature only allowed users to add sound effects or no-name music to their videos. This move is a significant increment from there. However, Facebook will still not offer its users an editing tool to add a comprehensive list of copyrighted music to their videos.
This one attached condition is pretty dismal as the majority of the users are either not well aware of the process of editing and adding music to their videos or do not have the required editing tools on their phones to achieve the same feat. One relaxation, however, is that if a song is playing in the background of their video, the users will at least not have to witness their video being taken down life before. Fortunately, Facebook is trying to bring forth all the required updates in this regard and has commented that the users will soon be able to add their favourite music to their Facebook stories.

This announcement is a substantial step for Facebook. This move will encourage original sharing of music on the platform, and no copyrights shall be infringed from now on. A sound clip does magic to a video. It can make a boring clip exciting and a sentimental one enriched with emotions. Music-equipped videos will boost the watching time on Facebook to a great extent.

Facebook vs Musically

Due to the various scams that have been exposed, Facebook has been witnessing a drastic decline in the number of users on board. Thus, it had to take significant steps in the direction to enhance its user base. This included a number of them like overhauling the structure of the organisation and announcing major policy changing in the interest of protecting the privacy of individuals. This new feature is one such step in this regard.

Amongst the hordes of apps that took advantage of this declining popularity of Facebook, one of the prominent ones was the viral lip-syncing app Musically. This app is a significant concern for child’s rights protecting organisations. The trending videos of underage girls grooving to the beats of risqué pop songs has raised worries among the activists. However, the large platform provided by Musically that does not require one to be a pro at singing to publish videos online has led people to swarm to this app like bees. This app has grown to have over 200 million registered users worldwide with 60 million monthly active users.

Facebook has now set its eye on this vulnerable group. It aims to hook these youngsters now as soon as they hit the legal age of 13 so that its loyal community of lifetime users grows manifold. The steps for adding Lip Syncing to your live broadcasts are really simple.

  1. Firstly, go to broadcast live.
  2. Now, select the Lip Sync Live option.
  3. Now, select the song and hum along with the words of the song while playing with your favourite filters simultaneously.
  4. Go ahead and permanently share the video.

If there’s a song that holds special memories for both you as well as your best friend. You can aptly utilise the Live With feature and co stream with your friend. Both of you can then lip sync to the song simultaneously during the live broadcast.

However, this entire process isn’t going to be as easy for Facebook as it sounds. The first factor that might hinder the success of this feature is the mandatory requirement of going live which will notify the Facebook friends of the interested user. Thus, the introverts will shy away from this feature. Lip Syncing can better work for static videos that give the performer an option to see how they look in a video before sharing it with the vast online community. Such a feature can also work well with stories to an extent as it allows the Facebook friends of a user to go and have a look at it actively.

Facebook has been an active component of the online arena for quite some time now. It has always been on the lookout for brand new features to make the platform more lucrative with each passing day. Music is primarily the way in which humans connect and share. The humankind has realised its importance since the dawn of the civilisation. In fact, it is quite a surprise that a well-evolved organisation like Facebook has stayed at an arm’s length from utilising this means of communication for so long.

The online community with much enthusiasm has welcomed this move made by Facebook. If this initiative of enabling users to teach music in this live videos legally actually turns out to be successful, all of us will have our feeds filled with such videos in the coming times. Not only will it make the video ads more tolerable for us but it will also allow us to enjoy a different side of our friends as they groove to the beats of their favourite pop songs.


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