Yahoo Mail Users can now set reminders or unsubscribe to spam emails

Recently, the Yahoo Mail has added new features to help users manage their email inboxes as efficiently as possible. The two new features: Reminders and Unsubscribe to organize and make user’s Inbox less clutter. The features are rolled out worldwide.

Yahoo Reminders

With the help of this feature, the users can now set reminders within emails to prioritize what matters the most to them. For example, in a real life if you have a tendency to forget your important emails like a utility bill that’s due soon? Set a reminder to pay it in five days, and a notification will pop up then.

This feature has a notes section to add text and can be set for a specific date and time in the future. To enable a quick set up, Reminders suggests which emails should have reminders and recommends timing, all based on email content. Reminders can always be edited, updated and deleted at any time through a “Manage Reminder” option. Plus, users can view inactive ones whenever they want.

yahoo mail unsubscribe features

Yahoo Unsubscribe

Implemented as an easy-to-find button when opening a message, the Unsubscribe feature lets users easily stop receiving emails without ever having to leave their Yahoo Mail inboxes. An option to unsubscribe from an email sender appears in each email. And in the case of users erroneously clicked the Unsubscribe button, they can reverse the unsubscribe action, up to three seconds after the initial click.

The Unsubscribe feature helps keep inboxes clean and filled only with relevant content, making the entire unsubscribe process quick, efficient and stress-free. E-newsletter senders and email marketers should also find a benefit, as they’ll see a reduction in spam votes and be incentivized to deliver engaging high-quality content, since readers who are no longer interested will quickly be able to unsubscribe.

Both of these new features are available across iOS and Android.

Also, Yahoo Mail is going to add more feature updates in the very near future, such as an unsubscribe recommendation option, where users can opt to receive automatic recommendations around which emails to unsubscribe from.

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  1. I want to delete the reminder in an email. When Someone replies to my email it is sent to a bogus account. How do I correct this?


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