• Zebronics ‘Zeb-Peace’ wireless earphones with voice assistance

    Zebronics introduced another piece of device for audiophiles “Zeb Peace”. It is a pod like earphones with wireless capabilities and zero wires, means no visible wires at all.

    The Zeb-Peace has glossy finsih, splash proof and possess the lightweight of 4 grams each. According to the Zebronics, it can easily snuggel in to the ear canal wihtout feeling any kind of discomfort. Becuase of now wires it also minimize the chances of getting pop-out while excercise or running.

    Zeb peace zebronics earpods

    The Zebronics claimed that the pairing of the Zeb Peace is easy (not tested by us) and one can take calls with one touch.

    Furthermore, it support both ANdroid and iOS devices to get isntant replies from the Virtual Assitant using the assistant shortcut on the Zeb Peace earpod; to use the user need to press the shorcturt button two times.

    Inaddtion to the above statmenets, the Zenbroncis also added that the earpods those come along with a portable charging case can offer an additional battery life of about 6 hours.

    Zebronics zeb peace pods

    Zebronics Zeb Peace Earpod specifications

    Play back time (claimed by Zebronics)
    Earphone : 2hrs 30 mins
    Case : Additional 6 hours

    Talk time (claimed by Zebronics)
    Earphone : 2hrs 30 mins
    Case : Additional 6 hours

    Charging time (claimed by Zebronics)
    Earphone : 2hours
    Case : 2hrs 30 mins

    Drive Size : 6mm
    speaker impedence : 16Ω
    Net weight : 44g
    case dimension : 60 X 26.5 x 40mm

    Rs. 3999

    The wireless earphone comes in black color and is available with leading retail stores across India

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