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CutCut is a neat app that comes with all the basic photo editing functions most users will need in their everyday life. The ability to add a part of the photo to the background is the most highlighted feature of the app by the developers. I just wish, the developers revise the revenue collection model and limit the number of ads for a better experience.

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Photo editors are abundantly available in the Google Play Store, and most offer decent ingredients on the plate to prepare the most mouth-watering recipe with your photos. But you cannot get the whole nine yards of photo editing right on your smartphone because of its limited hardware resources, obviously, if you compare it with some premium photo editing suites like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc. However, the filters, photo adjustment options on most photo editors on Android are good enough for most users to edit photos with minimum hard work on the go. But if you are looking for some extra functions, Cut Cut by Barrier Reef Team will be a decent choice for most.

From run of the mill photo editing to placing yourself or your pets in some unusual or you dream places, Cut Cut for Android has covered it all. I am using Cut Cut for almost 15 days now and has observed all the features of it quite closely, so now I am here to write a small review of it. It is quite easy to get started with CutCut, and I don’t think you will face troubles using it for the first time. But don’t worry, apart from writing the review,  I will also be giving a basic guide on how to use the app, just in case.+

Cut Cut background editor app review

So let’s get started with the features first.


  • Cut Cut has support for cutting out some part of photos to embed the same in a different photo or background.
  • Cut Cut features a photo editor, where you can edit photos by applying filters, crop the photos, etc., and a camera to apply some real-time and live filters.
  • CutCut comes with a library of more than 100 background templates, filters, and around 15 or more editing tools.
  • CutCut by Barrier Reef Team is an ad-supported free app but comes with some in-app purchases to enhance the experience and features of CutCut.

So those were the notable features worth mentioning. Now let’s move on to how to use CutCut by Barrier Reef Team.

How to get started with using CutCut

Cut Cut cutout & photo background editor app download from here: Cut Cut APK from the Google Play Store.

cut cut cutout & photo background editor app download

On opening the app, you will get three options, to use edit photos the normal way, cut out photos or use the camera. Choose the appropriate option. I’m choosing ‘Cut out’ as that is the most highlighted feature of the app.

CutCut Review 2

While opening it for the first time, just provide the storage permissions to CutCut by tapping on ‘Allow’.

CutCut Review 3

Now choose the photo, from where you want to cut out a photo. You can load any local photo from your album on your device.

CutCut Review 4

Either choose ‘Cut Out’ or ‘Eraser’ to choose the areas to cut out or erase respectively. Now use your fingers over the areas to cut out or erase with the respective tools. You can even change the size of the eraser or cut out brush, with the slider. Once you are done, tap on the ‘✓’ to move on to the next step. If you’re satisfied with the recommended cut out by CutCut, you can directly tap on ‘✓’, as well.

CutCut app free download

Now choose a background, where you want to place the cut-out, either from the online library or from the local gallery. Just tap on the chosen background to get the live preview of how the cut-out area will look on the selected background. Just resize it, move it anywhere you want, within the background. Finally, tap on ‘Save’ to save the photo or share it, as per your wish.

Cut Cut Review app 6 7 8

Alternatively, you can start editing your photos the normal way or open the camera within CutCut to edit existing photos or capture new photos respectively.



Let’s now have a look at the pros of CutCut.

  • When it comes to using mobile apps, what people want is ease of usage. When it comes to that, CutCut is very simple easy to use, and you can carry out the tasks on the app at just a drop of the hat, no matter how much expertise you have, when it comes to mobile apps.
  • CutCut comes with a dark background, which is very satisfying to the eyes, even if you are using the app for a long time without any breaks at all.
  • When it comes to cutting some part from a photo, CutCut uses AI to automatically recommend the part of the photo you will actually like to cut. However it isn’t perfect every time, and you can make adjustments to the selected part, or make a completely new selection whatsoever.
  • Once you cut a photo, you will automatically get recommendations to paste that part of the photo on a background recommended by CutCut with just a single touch.
  • CutCut has a feature to quickly edit screenshots with just a single tap with the help of the screenshot window that will pop up each time you take a screenshot. However, if it is interrupting your workflow when you are taking screenshots back to back, you can disable this by going to CutCut settings.

Cut Cut app Review 9 10

  • While pasting photos on a background from the CutCut library, the backgrounds are placed in different categories viz. Hot, which basically contain the trending ones, Travel, Luxury, Romantic, Style, Festival, etc. to help you choose the most appropriate background with just a single tap.
  • CutCut offers a very user-friendly interface, and it offers a wide set of ways to select the photo you want to cut, either from the SD Card, album, and place the cut photo on any background with just a single tap, resize and move it easily across the canvas.
  • CutCut has support for using live filters with the camera app by changing the white balance, which can be great for selfie lovers and also for everyday users under a wide number of circumstances.

So those were the pros. Quite satisfying, considering, it is a free app.


Let’s move on to the cons. The cons are not many, but let’s just find out where CutCut can improve itself.

  • The first thing, which might be a reason for most users to opt out of this app, is the annoying ads that pop out every now and then while using the app. I understand, it is a free app, and there will be ads. The ads below and on top of the interface don’t cause interruptions, but those that appear in full-screen actually cause interruptions, which I am complaining about.
  • To get rid of the ads, a user will have to subscribe for CutCut Premium for around INR 20, 42 and 70 for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months respectively. So the app is based on a subscription model, and no one-time charge to purchase the app. I wish there was a one-time fee to get CutCut Premium, instead of the subscription model that charges a user after a regular interval, which could be a pain.
  • The blurring effect on CutCut isn’t that satisfying in today’s world. The CutCut developers should add the feature to blur the background of the photos using AI, and deliver the bokeh effect.
  • Most photo editors of today have the functionality to load photos from the cloud like Google Drive or Google Photos. Unfortunately, CutCut doesn’t have any such functionality to add photos from the cloud to edit it or cut some part out of it.

So those were the two cons, which I think CutCut should improve.

Bottom line:

Now to the final section of the review. Let’s talk about the bottom line of CutCut by Barrier Reef Team. CutCut is a neat app that comes with all the basic photo editing functions most users will need in their everyday life. The ability to add a part of the photo to the background is the most highlighted feature of the app by the developers. I just wish, the developers revise the revenue collection model and limit the number of ads for a better experience. CutCut has a decent privacy policy and doesn’t require unnecessary permissions, which is yet another reason, you should try this app out.

So that was the complete review of Cut Cut. Hope the review was useful for you. Do you have any questions in mind? Feel free to comment the same down below.

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