Saavn Pro review: Is it best music streaming service? Let’s find out.

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Well, Saavn Pro is my favorite premium music streaming service I have ever used. Great collection and a pleasing user interface, as well. It has some cons. But none of them are deal breakers. So my verdict will be, go for Saavn Pro. You won’t regret.

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We all use streaming services to enjoy our favorite shows, listen to our desired music and podcasts and a lot more. Keeping our attention limited only to music streaming services, there are only a limited number of players in India. Yes, I know Spotify isn’t available in India making it a competitive breeding ground for a plethora of other music streaming services, and Saavn is a leading one among them. I am a user of Saavn for almost 6 months now, and it is almost a month I am using Saavn Pro. Frankly speaking, I have mixed reactions, and today I am here to write a small review of Saavn Pro.

Saavn Pro Review

Things I like, and the things which I don’t like or require improvements. I will elaborate on everything here. The most essential aspect of a music streaming service is the music catalog. The bigger it is, the better it is. I really love Saavn’s collection. But unless you are fond of listening to some less popular tracks from different countries, chances are less, you won’t find your favorites in the catalog of most other music streaming services leading in India. There are other things which also play essential roles. At least I pay importance to them before choosing any music streaming service. So let’s get started with the review.

Saavn Pro Features:

Just like every other review, let me start with the features.

  • Saavn brings a huge library of Indian music, regional music, and music from small creators of different other countries all under one roof.
  • Music streaming possible at 320 kbps, which eventually make the experience of listening to music, something called great in the true sense of the term.
  • Saavn Radio aggregates different tracks of a particular genre, a music composer, or a singer in just a single playlist.
  • A separate ‘Top charts’ section to aggregate the best music collections from different genres, singers and music composers into a single playlist.
  • A user can sign up on Saavn through email, Facebook account, or simply with a mobile number, which the user has access to.

So those were the features, in a nutshell.

Saavn Pro Pricing:

1 day: Rs. 5

7 days: Rs. 30

30 days (1 month): Rs. 99

90 days (3 months): Rs. 285

180 days (6 months): Rs. 550

360 days (1 year): Rs. 999

Saavn Pro Pros:

Now the next part of the review. Let’s have a look at the pros. The reasons you should go for Saavn Pro. There are many, trust me. Saavn Pro offers almost everything you might need from a premium music streaming service.

  • The first thing people look, before choosing a music streaming service is its catalog of music. No, it is not the first time I am emphasizing this. Saavn offers an unmatched collection of music if I just keep my attention limited to music streaming services available in India. So for a classic variety of music, Saavn hardly leaves any scope to complain about.
  • Apart from 320 kbps music aka. Super Duper High music playback by Saavn, it also offers other lower bitrates or qualities, like Really High or 160 kbps, Pretty High or 96 kbps, Less High and Sorta High…ish. This can keep you listening to your favorite music if you are struggling for bandwidth in your area or maybe while traveling.
  • Saavn Radio works amazingly well. If you just want to listen to some music without searching for your favorite one, just choose the Saavn Radio that matches your mood or likeness, and leaves the rest of it to Saavn. Just sit back, put your earphones on, and enjoy your music.
  • Just in case you want to sit back and relax, there are numerous ways you can select the most appropriate playlist as per your mood. There are various sections to choose from, in order to find the most appropriate type of music you want to listen, kudos to Saavn Radio and Editor’s choice section.
  • Each time a user opens Saavn, you can get curated playlists, and they are based on the likes and interests of the user. This is something which I really love about Saavn. It opens an avenue to explore some additional tracks which a user might love listening to.
  • Saavn is available for Windows, Android, iOS apart from the web platform, and thus, there’s hardly any platform which is not covered by Saavn team to entertain its user base.
  • With Saavn Pro subscription, a user can have access to it from a maximum of 5 devices with the same subscription. Chances are very less, there are users, who have more than 5 devices for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Saavn is one of the music players which comes with a sound equalizer embedded into the app. This is great for smartphones with less RAM, where the stock equalizer app is killed by the system, triggering an abrupt deterioration in audio quality.
  • The users can go offline to listen to songs saved offline if there is no internet connection. In the offline mode, the user can even listen to songs and other music which is present in the device’s local storage.
  • Very flexible pricing for the Android platform. Users can get a single day subscription of Saavn Pro by paying just Rs. 5 or Rs. 30 for a week. This really makes sense when you are going for a weekend trip or a trip for a week or so.

So those were the pros.

Saavn Pro Cons:

Well, not everything in this world is perfect. Nor Saavn Pro is. Let’s have a look at the cons of Saavn Pro or the improvements I would love to see in it. So let’s find some of them out.

  • Saavn offers a great user interface, at least better than its competitors available in India. But sometimes the user interface malfunctions. The ‘My Profile’ section, ‘Browse’ section and the other sections won’t respond. But restarting the app solve all the issues though.
  • I like the fact Saavn offer its own audio Equalizer embedded into it. But at the same time, I wish there was an option to access the system Equalizer as there are a handful of smartphones which comes with a decent Equalizer better than that of Saavn. I also wish Saavn offers a 10-band Equalizer instead of the 5-band one.
  • Most music players nowadays offer the option of audio crossfading, which starts the next track, a few seconds before the current track ends. I wish the audio crossfading option was available on Saavn.
  • Just like other music players, Saavn too comes with a shuffle option. But the function doesn’t work as perfectly as the other music players available in the market. I wish, the shuffle functionality had the ability to choose tracks with a better randomization algorithm.
  • There is a ‘Surprise Me’ option available under the ‘Browse’ tab, which isn’t actually surprising. That’s my verdict. It randomly starts playing a playlist, and they aren’t based on the user’s likeness. Chances are very less you will like it. I don’t know, what Saavn team has to say about this, but I don’t like the ‘Surprise Me’ feature.
  • The music downloaded through Saavn goes to the Internal Storage of the handset. This can be a big issue for users running low on memory, on their smartphones. I wish there was an option to move the downloaded songs to the SD card to save space on the internal memory.
  • Compared to other music streaming services in India, the price of Saavn Pro is a little higher. I wish the prices were a little more aggressive. Most users who only listen to regional and Indian music will surely not pay some extra pennies for listening to some western music and a better user interface.

My verdict

Well, I already said at the beginning of the article that Saavn Pro is my favorite premium music streaming service I have ever used. Great collection and a pleasing user interface, as well. It has some cons. But none of them are deal breakers. So my verdict will be, go for Saavn Pro. You won’t regret. I just want Saavn team to improve the app to make it closer to perfect. To read my comparison between different music streaming services available in India, you can follow this link (battle of music streaming services in India) to read the same in detail.

Hope the review will help you take your decision in a better way before you choose the premium music streaming service for your requirements. Have suggestions or questions? Feel free to comment it down below.

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