ZAAP Touchless COVID Safety Device, multipurpose Antimicrobial copper allow

Sometimes a simple technology can save us from various hazards such as COVID-19; that can be seen by looking at simple ZAAP product called Touchless COVID Safety Device…

Zaap is a consumer accessories brand that started in 2015 and since then has launched a variety of devices in different categories such as Health, Car accessories, Audio, Power banks, Virus safety, and more. They design their products in the USA and sell worldwide thus has a promising presence across the globe. So, that was the one thing but here we are not to talk about the company’s background instead of a product they have created to refrain us from catching the deadly Coronavirus left behind by others on different surfaces.

When finally most of the countries have removed the restriction on different activities, the apprehension of getting infected by COVID-19 still there in each of us, especially those who are going out for work or other activities. Recently, one of my friends got infected including his parents even though they took care of all the precautions. He was ordering all groceries and other kinds of stuff online, and also his employer allows him to work from home.

Now, this is really bizarre, when a person taking all the precautions still how he could get infected. So, what mistake he or we are doing?

Well, the source of Virus or infection is only the direct contact to the person who is bearing that instead of all tangible sources or surfaces. For example, going out for purchasing some food items and bringing them in the carrying bag; going to your apartment using the common Lift and need to press the floor button in that; door handles, pull levers of public transport such as Cab doors, etc those are already touched by other people.

Yes, I am not saying all of them contain the virus, but as per one idiom “When unluck strikes, a dog bites a dwarf man sitting on a camel“. Hence, even we keep trying to protect our selves, these small things around could give us the infection.

Therefore, to mitigate the direct touch of our to different surfaces, the ZAAP has designed and launched a small device “Touchless COVID Saftey”.

Zaap Touch-less COVID Safety

Isn’t the shape of the device look like an amalgamation of the keychain, bottle opener, touch pen, and submachine gun? Well, it is just my imagination. However, the company has designed it for multipurpose. One can use it to open doors, Press lift/ATM buttons, Toilet flush/Faucets, Pull levers, Carry bags, Open Boxes, etc.

This Zaap Touchless COVID safety device is built using Antimicrobial copper alloy that can kill 99.9 % of Viruses and Germs within two hours of exposure. That’s why Antimicrobial copper-alloy in healthcare facilities used for doorknobs, push plates, railings, tray tables, tap (faucet) handles, IV poles, HVAC systems, and other equipment.  Thus, reduces the transmission of disease. Know more about the metallurgy of this alloy on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, it can be used as a Stylus for Public touchscreens & Store checkouts. Because of its designs, one can use it to carry bags or for pulling heavy load up to 14kg, and the best thing we can always carry it as a Keychain so that you would never forget it while going out.

Because of the Metal constitution, we can easily wash it, thus bear Lifetime warranty offered by the ZAAP.

Price: 2 PCS Combo- RS 299/each, 4 PCS Combo-RS 249/each and 6 PCS Combo- RS 199/each.

Some Usage Scenarios for ZAAP Touchless COVID Safety Device:

ZAAP Touchless Device to secure from COVID min Open Gate using ZAAP touchless device min Bag on ZAAP Touchless Devcie Covid min ZAAP Touchless COVID min Lift usage min Opening Box with Zoom Touchless min USage of Metal Touchless device min Touchless ZAAP coronavirus min

We have used the product, the quality the device is great and its golden color gives it a premium look. It not only safe a person from accidental contact to the contaminated surface but also something new to boast of like a keychain. Due to its lifetime warranty and multipurpose usage, it not going to be an unusable thing even after this fear of COVID-19 will be over, once we have the vaccine; because germs and other microbes will always be with us in one or another way. So, it is better to protect ourselves, especially in public places where common things or surfaces touched by hundreds of people daily.