If one day we discover the aliens, what will humans do?

We know that extraterrestrial life is a life that exists outside the Earth. At present, scientists have not found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. The Earth is also known as a planet with life. But this does not mean that there is no other life in the universe.

When humans first launched probes on the Moon and Mars, they had the task of studying the moon and the existence of life on Mars. At present, no signs of life are found on the Moon and Mars, but humans are still exploring the existence life or existence of lower organisms on Mars. Even some scientists have envisaged that in some areas of the Venus and the Jupiter atmosphere, there may be an environment suitable for the survival of some microorganisms.

Low level oragnism

Scientists have discovered through observation that there is no life on other planets in our solar system. To discover extraterrestrial life, we must look beyond the stars in the solar system. If we find life in a relatively close star system from our solar system, we can only say that it can prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, prove that human beings are not alone in the universe, and there is no other idea.

If one day we discover life on a planet in the solar system, our life can no longer be a large life as it seems, it looks like a tiny organism in this big universe. After humans discover their existence, we might start launching detectors to analyze those lives or try to bring those lives back to Earth for further research.

Because of our curiosity nature, humans need to understand how those organisms acquire energy, how they breed offspring, and whether they have communities and species. Do they have protein macromolecules? Is there a double helix DNA like the flora and fauna on earth? Studying these problems is actually studying the life network on the earth. Because life on earth is born, we still don’t have any exact formula or mathematical tools to describe the phenomena of life and predict the characteristics of living individuals like Newton mechanics describe the motion of objects. The discovery of extraterrestrial life is equivalent to an equation that solves life problems, which might help human to solve complex life equation problems.

Alien superior

If extraterrestrial life is civilized and superior to us, how can we deal with them? Things like this are simple to say, but they are actually very difficult. It believes that some civilizations in the universe may tend to eliminate other civilizations because they believe in the laws of the survival of the strong, although I think the possibility of such civilizations is extremely small. However, considering the “law of the jungle”  where stronger animal hunts the weaker one for food; it is impossible to deny that some alien civilizations pursue this law of survival. If human beings are looking for such a civilization, it is clear that they will set themselves up and then the situation would be very dangerous.

Given the current state of science and technology, it is difficult to find life or wisdom outside the solar system that is lower than human civilization. Extraterrestrial civilizations those are superior than human civilization will not be discovered by humans first, but they will discover us when they feel that it is necessary to contact us. Therefore, in a relatively short period of time, human beings do not expect to actively find a very advanced civilization. It is the greatest expectation that a low-level wisdom life can be found in the solar system.