How to boost your site SEO by Following core SEO techniques

So, we are in 2018. If you are a blogger, you might be looking for some fresh SEO techniques to work on. In this page, we have core best tips that can support to boost your site SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). With these tips, you can include a value to your website. Additional, you can get better authority and search engine ranking of site or blog as well. Read on to know more.

Improve the browsing experience

Browsing experiance for better seo Rankings

For search engine optimization, you should job on the user experience. Find out how the user experience can support you increase traffic to your blog. As a matter of fact, the user’s experience begins off with a search. So, you may need to make some tweaks in order to make the search simpler.

Check the links on your website and fix the broken ones. This will decrease the number of pages that will return a 404 error. This will also support you get rid of the pages with duplicate content.

Ensure your content is attractive. It should be readable for readers and website crawlers.

Add value using informative content

content value for seo

It may sound boring,  but your blog should have content that includes a lot of value. Not just that, the content should also be relevant to your focus audience. Actually, including just value to standard content not going to solve the problem you have to understand your audience. Use some analytics to track the behavior of the audience, what kind of articles on your website getting huge user interaction and start building such content more. Once you know your readers, you will be capable to publish content that they will find remarkable and helpful.

Use the following tips to include value to your content:

  • Know more about your readers and reply their questions
  • Check out the existing posts and look for the most famous ones
  • Find a way to beat your rivals


Use videos

videos content

This is the era of video content.  If you want to promote your services and products; the top way in addition to better the ranking of your website, you should publish videos on your website. Videos get a better focus on the viewers than text.

It is the best idea to hire experts to make videos and optimize them for your site or blog. Focus on the Meta content of the video as well. You may have heard that one video is excellent than a 1000 images, which is real.

Pick the best SEO plugin

SEO plugins fro WordPress

Most of the blogs and a large number of professionals are now based on WordPress and getting SEO optimization is easy on WP CMS using some plugin. If you research on SEO plugin to find the top one you will most likely have a choice between the Yoast SEO or All-one-SEO pack. They are both amazing and the most famous plugins.

SeeOptimize Your SEO Techniques By Using Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Add your website to Google search console

Google search console for adding website

Webmaster tools or Google search console is Google’s nice offering to provide site owners a look at how the search engine views their website. It provides you all types of helpful detail to help you understand how your content emerges in the search results and lists how often your pages are viewed.

With all of the detail accessible at Google’s Webmaster tools, you can shape a wise strategy for your content to attract more viewers to your website. The search console will also send notification if there are any issues with your website that will affect your ranking.