Do you want to become an Android developer? Then you should know this

A large portion of India is already working in the various fields of technology and earning fortunes to support their livelihood, and a lot more are already dreaming to enter it. The tech industry in India is also getting stronger day by day, all thanks to the hardworking professionals out there. The number of internet users in India is second after China in the world and the number of smartphones and other gadgets owned by Indians is also increasing by a rapid rate. So all these simply mean that India is already a technical hub and we just can not deny that. The android developer is one of the most popular and trending career options as of today and all the above-mentioned points are proof of it. Now without any further delay, let me explain to you about it in detail.

Educational Requirements

You must possess a relevant degree in any one of the following specifications in order to work as an Android developer:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in IT or computer
  • Bachelor of technology in IT or computer
  • Bachelor of Computer applications
  • Master of Computer applications 
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Diploma in IT or Computer

You should be having a valid certification in any one of the above-mentioned degrees to enter this industry, but wait this is just the key to open the main lock, but still, there are some other smaller locks too which also need to be opened, did not get me? Let me make you understand, apart from anyone of this degree, you must be having a very strong grip in C and Java and also some other programming languages because you can excel in your field only if you are excellent in them. Else you won’t be able to become an Android developer and even if you luckily become one, still, your life would turn out into a nightmare.

Job profile

Once you become an Android developer, you have to perform your set of duties. As the name of the post suggests, you have to develop various applications and games using different types of programming languages, though you would be working in the team and in your initial phase, you will work as a supporting member of the team and get to learn a lot. Another important duty of yours would be that you must constantly think and come up with various different types of new applications which the users want and you should also keep on updating your old apps so that it satisfies the needs and requirements of the users and maintains its pace with the passing time. As we all know the Google Play store is just like an ocean, your duty is to add one more drop every time and make sure at the same time that your drop is the one which should always float on top and do not sink. 

As career option

As the android industry is rapidly expanding in India, so the jobs for the same are also increasing. Thousands of job openings are there in India for the same and it is expected to grow more and more by the coming year, as the demand and popularity of Android are only going to increase. The salary package offered is also very good and it keeps on increasing as per your work performance and experience. You can definitely consider making a career in this industry but do make sure that you meet up with all the necessary requirements.

Future scope

The future of this industry is very bright in India, let me give you a glimpse of some of the major sectors where it is used


The cashless India scheme has brought a revolution in this giant industry. A huge number of online banking transactions has led to the formation of banking apps of almost every bank in India. So it means that almost every bank is available on our Play store, now just imagine the workforce required to make and maintain a single app of a bank where thousands to lakhs of transactions happen every day and a lot of more stuff is carried out, well the answer is a large number. The banks very heavily to all the experienced developers out there to manage their stuff in a proper and timely manner. But before you start smiling, do remember that organizing and managing a banking app is somewhat difficult compared to others as it involves the top of the class security checkup, regular updates and it should be efficient enough to carry out a lot of transactions every minute. Paytm, BHIM, Phone Pe, etc are the examples of some of the very popular and trending Indian apps of this category.


Education is also not left behind in the digital storm. Gone are the days when the children used to travel for miles to go and attend the tuition classes for their respective courses. Now, everybody just finds a corner in their house, adjusts themselves comfortably there and then starts the classes with the help of a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All you need to do is open your educational app and start learning. A lot of educational apps are there and a lot more are on the verge of coming, so you can imagine the strength and power of the android in this very industry, well it’s just magnificent and already worth billions of dollars in India alone. A very good example here is that the owner of popular educational app Byju’s Raveendran Byju is already over a crazy billion dollars, so I feel you should have understood by now the value and worth that it holds and how much will be your worth once you enter this industry with all your knowledge, talent, and skills.


Well, this is one of the most popular industries in the entire technology industry. And yes, there is a plethora of gaming geeks in our country and they will ensure you earn a very good amount of money not only to earn bread and butter but also to live a lavish lifestyle, only if you are talented enough to fulfill their gaming demands, and if you can then they will ensure you never become poor. The gaming sector is already established and is all set to sky-rocket in the coming years, and a large number of gaming apps in the Play store are valid proof of the same.


It is one of the best friends which Indians have recently made, and I guess I don’t need to highlight the power and importance that this industry holds, as all of us already know that the richest person on a lovely planet named Earth is none other than Jeff Bezos, who happens to be the leader of one such firm. In India also, this industry has become very popular and every day a huge no of orders are made. Furthermore, this industry generates billions of dollars as its revenues every year and it is all set to increase exponentially in the coming years and it is definitely very good news for you.


Thus, we have studied in-depth about the role of an Android developer, its educational requirements, future scope and much. As of now, you would have understood what is required and what it takes to be an Android developer? Well, I would like to conclude by saying that this industry is very lucrative and you can make a very big name for yourself but all you need to have is very good understanding and knowledge of all the relevant topics of the same and also at the same time a very good practical knowledge and experience of the same. The final thing which you require is complete hard work and dedication and believe me if you have all of these then nothing can stop you from achieving your dream.