FC TecNrgy trying to give alternate power source to Indian people

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If the world does not impose major cuts or undertake specific measures to limit greenhouse emission soon, the slender hope of preventing global warming and implementing climate change that could lead to chaos and threaten the very existence of Life on Earth will slip away.

The loss of the environment can go to an extent where not only cities but rural areas and higher altitudes have got badly polluted. While numerous efforts across the world are on this regard surely more needs to be done by different ministries and agencies in each country. The Indian Govt, Various ministries and other institution including NGOs are also working in this direction.

We in India, take pride in our mountains and hill areas especially the Himalayas. These regions are the source from where most of our major rivers feeding the plains of North, North West and North East India.

The higher reaches and the glaciated regions of the Himalayan ranges have a massive deployment of Indian Army as well as Para Military Forces like the BSF, ITBP, and SSB in the borders opposite Pakistan and China.

The massive deployment of troops for the last 40 years plus has also led to large sections of high altitude areas getting polluted due to the large-scale usage of Diesel, Kerosene oils and Lubricant by the Army and the Para Soldiers for warming, heating, cooking and generation of Electricity. Besides the pollution, hundreds of tonnes of used packing material, jerrycans, barrel, and unserviceable generator sets are littered across the landscape of their higher Himalayan reaches. The recent initiative by the current Defence Minister of India, Smt Nirmala Sitaraman to gradually clean up this garbage and her directions to the Indian Army is a laudable step.

The points are given by the company how they reduce the dependence on Fossil Fuels in those regions.

  • The Indian Army and Para Military forces have been trying to reduce dependence on generator sets by using a solar panel, setting up mini/micro hydro panel and small windmills. However, the extreme climatic conditions in these maintenances and densely forested lower hills including extended overcast conditions, unpredictable wind pattern and reduction of water flow in winters are an issue and thereafter none of the above is an assured 24×7 power solution. Power for forces is extremely critical and therefore other options are needed to replace generators sets.
  • FC TecNrgy is a small Indian Alternate Energy firms that is leading the initiative and proposing Direct Methanol Based Fuel Cells as a very attractive and viable power generation option in the high altitude regions for the Indian Army and Para Military Forces are the last two years.
  • These fuel cells are ideal to power mission-critical power needs of the Forces related communication Devices, surveillance systems, sensors, battery charging and basic electrification of small post and camps. There are ideal replacements for gen sets and along with solar/wind as a hybrid, they ensure a highly assured reliable and clean energy option.
  • The Fuel Consumption of these methanol Fuel Cells is very Low, they are very light, maintenance free and will also lead to huge savings in Transportation and Storage efforts Cuts cost. Methanol is much cheaper than gasoline, hydrogen besides being safe to transport and use.

Mr. Karandeep Singh, the Founder & Director of FC TecNrgy,  said  “Our focus is to develop and induct clean energy including hybrid solutions that are 24×7 Reliable, having low fuel consumption, are lightweight and having negligible maintenance needs. We are aligning ourselves with the Govt of India Policy on promoting a Methanol based fuel economy for one country. R&D, indigenous and Make in India are KRAs for us.

About the Company: FC TecNrgy Pvt Ltd. is a Methanol based Fuel Cell-based Energy and Power Management solution provider for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Défense & Security industries to run/ provide back up for their mission-critical devices/equipment/ sensors especially in remote areas that have limited power or are located off the Grid.

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