Few best use of technology to protect our environment

No doubt that technology has made our lives easier and comfortable and has left no department untouched. It has left a strong impact either directly or indirectly in almost everything in this world. So, how can the environment be left out? Well, all of us are very well aware of the fact that we humans have done a lot bad to our environment. It is mostly due to the human activities that our environment has been degrading with passing time, though during the global pandemic and the lockdown our environment had recovered a lot, all thanks to the temporary pause in our activities. But, is there any way to control or limit environmental degradation?

Can we make the best use of technology to protect our environment which protects us and is one of the main reasons for life on Earth? The answer is yes, and now, without any further delay, let me just showcase to you some of the best examples of the same.

RIght way to use technology to save environment

Renewable energy

It is one of the most common and best examples to kick start our article with. We have so many natural resources available that if we can somehow correctly implement them then we no longer need to depend on coal and related products which eventually harm our environment to a large extent.

Let us try to understand this with some practical examples, electricity is generated mainly with the use of coal, and the process releases a lot of toxic substances which hurt our environment. But, the scene is now slowly changing, as the naturally available resources like – Sunlight, wind, Tides, Wind, etc are being converted into electricity using advanced and modern technologies. The good thing about this process is that it has a very low adverse effect on our environment.

Many countries and companies have started working on it and have even set particular targets to implement it in a full-fledged manner. As a citizen, we can also try to use solar panels on the rooftop of our homes and offices to generate electricity for all our needs. I know that it will take time to happen on a large scale, but yes, we can definitely be the one to bell the cat, and soon you will see many people following us.

Furthermore, the initial cost of the setup is expensive compared to the traditional method that we use, but afterward, the monthly expenses are quite cheaper compared to the latter here. Moreover, many national and international entities have set targets for solar and renewable sources of energy for achieving net carbon zero, like – Indian Railways has a target of 2030, European Union has a target of 2040, tech giant Amazon also has a target of 2040, and so on.


Electric Vehicles

They are not at all alien and almost every one of us is quite familiar with them. An electric vehicle can limit the damage to the environment to a huge extent. Almost all the vehicles run on petrol and diesel as of now, and their by-products are harmful and toxic gases which when released in environment damage ozone layer, cause pollution and overall degrade our environment. And all of us know the number of vehicles nowadays, so one can imagine the damage that they are causing every day to our nature and environment.

Now, technology has again come to our aid with this beautiful concept of electric vehicles, which runs on batteries pre-installed on it. Once again, it causes a very minimal adverse impact on nature as compared to the traditional vehicles running on petrol and diesel. A lot of brands are coming up with electric vehicles and it is indeed praiseworthy.

In India, both the central and the state governments have been taking a lot of necessary steps to promote them. A lot of things like – discounts, offers, etc have been bought out by the government frequently for the e-vehicles. Moreover, the government has also decided to set up the proper infrastructure for e-vehicles in near future. Charging stations are planned to be set up at a distance of 25 km on highways with fast-charging stations at a distance of 100 km, as announced by the union ministry of road, transport, and highways recently.

So, all of us should look forward to purchasing them, and if you happen to be planning to buy a two, three, or four vehicles soon, then I would strongly suggest and request you to consider this category of vehicles instead of the traditional ones running on petrol and diesel.


Social Media

You might be wondering what does Social media have to do here? Yes, you are right but I am also not wrong, confused, right? Let me make it easy. Social media is a very powerful tool and if you use it correctly and accurately then one can accomplish a lot of things through it.

We can join many environment tech groups on various social media platforms and then learn a lot of new or existing ways of making the best use of technology and protecting our environment in small or big ways, as all of us should remember, that every tiny droplet counts and we should not consider anything to be smaller or bigger rather try to do everything possible in our hands and we have our technology in our aid always. We can also share your views and try to help out the masses. Furthermore, can also join or launch virtual campaigns on various social media platforms for praising people, organizations, etc. those who have done well for nature and the environment and also for protesting any of the wrongdoers, believe me, they are as strong as a forest fire and you will see the results of your actions very soon. Moreover, you can also watch many videos from experts on platforms like – Tube, etc and gain a lot from there also.



They have also proven to be very beneficial for controlling the damage to nature. A lot of sensors have been developed making use of the latest and advanced technologies that can monitor and give nearly accurate results of the greenhouse gases present in our atmosphere. This is quite helpful for government and weather forecast departments to analyze the number of gases like – carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, methane, and a lot more. After going through the values, the government can take the right and effective measures against them.


Infrared sensors

These sensors are used particularly to measure the quantity of methane gas present in the atmosphere. Methane is one of the greenhouse gases and one of the most harmful ones also. These sensors can be used by the adminstartion to monitor the quantity of this toxic gas in the environment and then accurate action can be taken to control it.



Drones can be used along with gas sensors to measure global warming by monitoring the pollution levels in the atmosphere. It effectively monitors and gives nearly accurate data regarding the quantity of carbon dioxide, methane, and more such gases present in the environment. 


Thus, these are the six best but common examples of how technology can aid in environmental protection. I know that technology also causes adverse effects on the environment by the process of industrialization, etc. but again, is it technology doing so or we humans? The answer is quite simple, it is we who do that. So, if we can use technology to cause damage to the environment then why not use technology to control the degradation of our environment.