Free PDF Analysis Made Easy with ChatGPT

While Google and Microsoft have lately unveiled chatbots, ChatGPT is still the most well-known and popular generative artificial intelligence robot. OpenAI also recently included the strong GPT-4 model in ChatGPT, which today provides free users access to more sophisticated tools, including web surfing, picture recognition, data analysis, and file uploads. These days, people can upload data and ask the AI to perform various tasks, including more in-depth research, summarising, and rereading. ChatGPT is adaptable and simple to use, with so many capabilities, and it is becoming valuable in many contexts. With all these instructions, you can swiftly and easily use these tools.

ChatGPT is a very adaptable tool that can completely analyze PDF files and be ready to assist you with any other chores you may have. In addition to providing comprehensive summaries, outlines, and answers to questions, emails, reports, and other textual references can also help address inquiries. ChatGPT is a powerful and simple tool for various academic, professional, and personal activities, and its many capabilities are shockingly free.

In May 2024, almost a year after its first launch, OpenAI improved the free version of ChatGPT by introducing some advanced GPT-4 capabilities only accessible to paying users. Among other things, you can share and view screenshots, images, and papers. Easy to use, this updated tool should save users time and effort on various chores and projects.

Can ChatGPT Read PDF Files?

Yes, it can! This feature is available to people who have paid for ChatGPT Plus and can view ChatGPT-4. Even the free version of ChatGPT now supports several advanced features, including the ability to read and analyze PDF files.

Start Using ChatGPT- A Quick Guide

Sign in to ChatGPT.

You need to log in to your ChatGPT account to use the more advanced functions of GPT-4, like Browse, Vision, data analysis, file uploads, and GPTs. OpenAI lets you use some parts of ChatGPT without logging in, but you must be logged in to use these more advanced tools.

If you haven’t already, creating a ChatGPT account on the sign-in page is easy. You can also log in using your current Google or Microsoft account, saving you the trouble of remembering a new username and password. By choosing this easy option, you can speed up the process and start using ChatGPT’s powerful features immediately.

Upload Your PDF.

Once you log in, you will be linked to the ChatGPT website. Usually, when typing text to initiate a chat, you find a paper clip icon adjacent to the text box. If you select this button, a list of options will show: Upload from your PC, link to Google Drive, or link to Microsoft OneDrive.

Upload PDF to ChatGPT

The decision you make should coincide with the location of your document. If you wish to upload a recently downloaded file, as I do, you could find the “Upload from your computer” option more suitable. Following your click, you can select the PDF file requiring your assistance.

This simple approach provides fast access to ChatGPT’s more advanced capabilities, facilitating seamless document analysis and interaction.

Ask your question.

You can upload the PDF along with a text query that tells ChatGPT exactly what to do after you upload it. These prompts can be simple or complicated, depending on your needs and preferences. For example, if we want text from our PDF file, we ask ChatGPT to “extract the text.”

Extract PDF text using ChatGPT

Your Handbook for PDF Integration with ChatGPT

Step 1: Convert PDF to Text

ChatGPT can only work with text, so it is a good idea to use a PDF with readable text and then use ChatGPT or any other tool to extract the text to work further on it using the AI tool.

Step 2: Make the text look better

Before using the text, you might need to clean it up and fix any formatting problems during the PDF change. Formatting problems can happen when you convert a file to PDF. You can eliminate unwanted characters, line breaks, and other formatting problems using text tools or scripting languages.

Step 3: Split the text into pieces that you can handle.

Sometimes, you must split up a PDF with plenty of text to simplify working with it. Long text inputs may also have to be split to ensure they fit the model since ChatGPT only allows a specific number of tokens.

Step 4: Input the Text into ChatGPT

If you use OpenAI API, you can use a computer language like Python to send the text you have processed to ChatGPT. OpenAI has a lot of information and examples to help you learn how to make API calls correctly.


Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini enable users to share files and ask questions about them without paying anything, the same as ChatGPT. Over the past few weeks, OpenAI has gradually added new capabilities to ChatGPT, increasing its value above simply text-based interactions. It’s important to note that users of ChatGPT can now multitask easily by using other apps besides this tool. Through DALL-E 3, OpenAI has also included picture editing and analysis tools, augmenting ChatGPT’s range of skills. These fresh advancements demonstrate how always improving and evolving AI-powered tools are. They also demonstrate how increasingly crucial it is to provide consumers with a wide spectrum of tools to fit their various needs and preferences. You can also check out the popular Chrome ChatGPT extensions to increase productivity.

A lot of the time, using ChatGPT to help with parsing complicated PDFs can make it easier to move through long, complicated lines. It is useful for quickly getting important information out of long papers. However, it’s important to stay alert and check ChatGPT’s output for possible mistakes or flaws, especially regarding hallucinations or misunderstandings. However, if you’re interested in finding more tools for summarising documents, you might want to wait until later this year when Apple OS will add similar features. This upcoming addition shows that more and more platforms are improving their document analysis and summarization features. This gives users more choices for how to improve their process and productivity.

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